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Investing in Real Estate Periods

Learn everything you should know about real estate periods - the investment of the year. Read this article to discover the benefits of this modern type of ownership promoted by big hotel chains. You can surely enjoy your holidays while making a wise investment.

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Investments Overseas

Do you want to invest overseas? Investing overseas can provide investment opportunities not available in the U.K. However, if you want to discover if international investments are right for you, have a look at our guide and learn everything you should know about their risks and benefits. 

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Effects of Brexit on Investment

How has Brexit impacted investors? Is it the right time to invest? Trying to predict which sectors will gain or lose is pointless. However, you can surely read this article and discover the consequences of Brexit on economy and investment.

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What is your favourite movie

What is your favourite movie

Finance - 07 February at 17:04 - by amith.reddy - 2 answers - 42 views

Can I invest in an invention. Is it a good idea?

Hi all, I have recently been following this forum on Facebook, and there was a post about investing in inventions.  I am really interested in this as I am myself an inventor.  I therefore wondered if you can get investment for an invention?

Miscellaneous - 20 Dicember at 07:22 - by bertram-K - 16 answers - 0 views

Investing in influencer

Is it worth investing in an influencer/s to promote my product?  Is it a good investment?

Finance - 03 Dicember at 12:13 - by alexpho - 11 answers - 86 views

French property investment

I would like to ask if anyone here has invested in property in France recently?  I have heard now is a good time?  Does anyone have any experience?


Real estate - 11 November at 15:03 - by Blake.W - 8 answers - 0 views

Invest in Global Great Hotels?

I know this sounds a bit strange, but does anyone know any hotel companies that are worth investing in?  I have heard that Global Great Hotels are a good one, as there is another chat on here about them.  I love holidays and I have some money to invest, so it makes sense to me lol laugh

Real estate - 10 April at 15:32 - by Ann..B - 11 answers - 1134 views

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act of putting money into a business, market, real estate, etc. with the objective of getting an additional profit or return.

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person who puts money into a project with the expectation of getting additional incomes from it.

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the action of buying something, especially a property, by the payment of a certain amount of money.

money x 18

resource owned by an individual which is used as a medium of exchange in the form of coins, notes and transactions.

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system which analyses the making of investments in the stock market or in a specific a company.

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opinion or recommendation offered by a professional on the subject with the intention of clarifying any doubts.