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Will 2018 be a good year to invest my money in gold?

My husband and I have some money saved and I do wonder whether we could spend that money better. I have always believed that buying gold is a safe investment and that the worst thing that could happen is selling it for the same price you paid for it. Still, we would like to learn more on this subject.


Rebecca Mills

gold investor investment
Precious stones and metals - 30 April at 22:11 - by rebecca-mills62 - 4 answers - 3800 views

What steps should I take to purchase a property in Spain?

Good morning, this is Austin. The point is that I am thinking of buying a second residence in Majorca because we always have to rent different apartments whenever we go there on holidays, and we want to have something of our own. Nonetheless, I think that the procedure for buying a house in Majorca is different from the one in the U.K. Is that true?

I would really appreciate some guidance.

Thanks in advance.

property difference procedure
Real estate - 09 April at 17:24 - by austin.wright - 20 answers - 3745 views

Investment in diamonds, how to choose them

I have been told that buying diamonds is an excellent investment, but I don’t know anything about them. Is it better to buy small or large? Are transparent or colored more valuable? Can someone suggest-recommend something?

Thanks for your help

suggestion investor investment
Precious stones and metals - 18 May at 04:12 - by BrianWhiteInv - 4 answers - 3128 views

Can a full property be converted into real estates periods?

I´ve heard quite recently about real estate periods. Even though I have partial knowledge on the subject, it seems that it brings much more advantages and benefits than a full property. I bought a house in Marbella some months ago and I have to admit that if you want to rent it on your own on a weekly basis, it is very complicated… and I don´t find the local estate agencies are neither helpful nor effective. None of them so far has been able to tell me if this system can be applicable to an individual property owner.


property profit real estate
Real estate - 23 March at 16:34 - by jonathan_wilson - 17 answers - 3483 views

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Platinum Ice Blue Dial

Somebody knows if the price of Rolex are the same all around the world? I want to buy this watch as in investment more than anything.

investor investment purchase
Miscellaneous - 18 June at 21:43 - by BillyHelston - 10 answers - 7066 views

Buying Gold

I want to buy some gold as Ive been told that it’s a really good investment right now due to its high value but don’t really know much about it.  Any help please??

help gold investor
Precious stones and metals - 16 April at 16:08 - by investreader - 5 answers - 5677 views

Why is silver bullion a bad investment?

HI, A friend of mine has been convinced that silver is way under valued, is that true? Why He is or is not correct in buying up these silver coins ?

Precious stones and metals - 13 May at 12:33 - by bestinvestment - 8 answers - 3428 views

Is buying a vineyard a good investment?

Is buying a vineyard a good investment?

Real estate - 06 July at 22:00 - by brandon6210 - 14 answers - 3129 views

Is buying golf shares a good investment?

Is buying golf shares a good investment?

share equity finance
Real estate - 11 July at 13:07 - by oakley2013 - 15 answers - 4959 views

Electric Cars: are they definitely increasing in value?

I have heard that electric cars are going up in value.  Should I buy one?

Miscellaneous - 12 August at 00:18 - by janeuk-1971 - 13 answers - 3520 views

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