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French property investment

  • 12 November at 11:53 - by Blake.W - 3014 views


I would like to ask if anyone here has invested in property in France recently?  I have heard now is a good time?  Does anyone have any experience?

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Yes, and I am interested that you've said "recently" because I lot of certainly ex-pats purchased their gites in the 1980s and early 1990s when there were serious bargains to be had in places like the Dordogne and the Loire and Provance after reading A Year In Provance!

14 November at 12:27 - by brandon6210

laugh Haha exactly 

18 November at 01:16 - by  Blake.W

Although I don’t own property myself my friends to and I think you'll find the property markets, certainly in the areas Le Mans, Nimes and Tours are picking up.

18 November at 06:28 - by brandon6210

I wld lk 2 add that if ur thinkign of gting a french mortgage there mortgage rates r still real low

18 November at 14:08 - by EdiWalker

Oh really that's interesting yes

24 November at 06:36 - by  Blake.W

am nt sure wht you need 2 gt a french mortgage bt if u can defo gd idea

26 November at 12:24 - by EdiWalker

Yes I agree it’s a really good time to buy as the French property market has been pretty stagnant so I'm told but those areas I mentioned are starting to move, so if you can get a low interest mortgage I would say if you're in a position now is a good time to buy.

27 November at 06:05 - by brandon6210

Wow thanks for that I will certinnaly have a look at those areas thanks do much

27 November at 08:48 - by  Blake.W
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