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Will 2018 be a good year to invest my money in gold?

My husband and I have some money saved and I do wonder whether we could spend that money better. I have always believed that buying gold is a safe investment and that the worst thing that could happen is selling it for the same price you paid for it. Still, we would like to learn more on this subject.


Rebecca Mills

gold investor investment
Precious stones and metals - 30 April at 22:11 - by rebecca-mills62 - 4 answers - 3800 views

Real estate investment Netherlands

Hello there.

After selling my company in the U.K. I would like to invest some money in real estate. I’ve heard Netherlands is a good place to get a start. What do you think? Are real estate investments in Netherlands profitable or rather risky? Thanks in advance.


property real estate investor
Real estate - 30 April at 05:45 - by TJm0m0306 - 14 answers - 3584 views

Saving or investing?

I’ve been working for nearly 8 years and I think the time has come for me to do something with my savings. I don’t have much time to decide where to invest money and I’m a newbie, so I need your help and suggestions because I’m a little afraid of losing it. Should I invest money or is it better to put some cash into a savings account???

Many thanks for your time and knowledge!

help suggestion investor
Banking and insurance - 23 May at 13:29 - by alexpho - 9 answers - 1533 views


I have recently come into some money and am looking to invest but don’t have a clue where and how. Any help would be welcome. Thanks.

help investor investment
Finance - 08 June at 09:30 - by tyler961 - 5 answers - 16983 views

Wanting to invest but nor sure where to start... Please HELP!

We have recently been left some inheritance money which was totally unexpected so are thinking of taking the risk of investing something that we were not expecting to have! But of course we would like to earn from it too so any help to get us started would be great!

help investor investment
Finance - 05 July at 07:44 - by jlouiseprk - 19 answers - 6488 views

Savings accounts ... Investment

Hi there! What is a good option to invest money than keeping in a savings account?

option investor investment
Banking and insurance - 09 July at 04:42 - by PhilipS - 7 answers - 2604 views

Classic Car Collection

I’m a big classic car fan and although I know a lot about them as machines I don’t know anything about the market in general. I know they cost a lot and people like them but I don’t know if it’s a good place to invest some of my hard earned cash or not. Any advice would be appreciated.

advice market investor
Miscellaneous - 15 July at 19:05 - by benjamin-wood - 8 answers - 5691 views

Is it better to save or invest?

We don’t have a lot of money to spare but have a little bit put aside and of course we would like this to be more. Some colleagues have suggested that we invest rather than continue to save but we are not sure so any advice would be welcome!

advice investor investment
Banking and insurance - 18 July at 00:05 - by nigelblue.1 - 7 answers - 1633 views

Invest in a blog and make money online, is it possible?

The popularity of sites have continued to rise and more and more investors are looking to put their money into web properties.

investor investment money
Miscellaneous - 03 September at 16:06 - by neeta04money - 9 answers - 5488 views

High interests ISAs

Hi everyone, I really need some experienced advice.  I have £20,000 that I want to put in an ISA, but there are so many different companies out there.  I want my money to be safe, and I want to get at it again in the short term. What does everyone think are the best options?

advice difference money
Banking and insurance - 02 September at 02:01 - by GaiL.N - 15 answers - 3353 views

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