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Global Great Hotels 2

  • 02 March at 21:24 - by jfroud - 3062 views


Hi, we are about to join this company, and recently saw a solicitor to finalise things, solicitor was a little worried about the scheme, we have read the reviews on this forum and would like to know if anyone has had some recent i.e, 2020 experiences, we have had to finance this with equity release on our house so really need the return to be true.

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Hi there, well I don't know if I speak for everyone but I think I speak for certinaly the people we have met over the last couple of years (and become friends with I might add) that yes there is certain amount of concern at the beginning because yoou don’t know what your getting into as its a new thing and its a lot of money so you think gosh am i doing the right thing? I’m quite sure a lot of people would feel exactly the same way.  we took the plunge and are really pleased we did, as we have had lovely holidays and recieve rental as promised.

all we can say is great experience. Hope that helps laugh

05 March at 10:24 - by Rachel.Brown

If I had a penny for everyone whose asked me over the years lol as Rachel says it is a big invesntment but as we have been memebers for such a long time we get our rental every year and we get our holidays it is like second nature for us.  I do understand were your coming from but i think the problem may be does the solicitor understnad how it all works?i admit it took me a while to get my head round it all and we have been members for many years so it may be that the solicitor does not understnad it and becasue of that you may miss out.

05 March at 14:26 - by anne.kempton

Hiya we bought early last year and like yourself I was also worried regarding the investment. However we’re in march and already have 5 holidays booked for this year alone, unbeatable prices, can’t express how relaxed we now feel.

06 March at 11:43 - by henrystephhunter

we also did equity release a few years ago to purchase more products and no regrets

07 March at 16:34 - by anne.kempton

Lynne, never apologise this is what forums are about and may I say, it's nice to not discuss lockdown or Covid for once!  So yes, we utterly recommend GGH not only because it "does what it says on the tin" but also the support we have been getting as this is a tough time for all, and yes, we have been dreaming about getting away too.  It really is awful not being able to feel the sun on your back isn't it?!

01 January at 03:07 - by anne.kempton

Hey guys how is everyone?  @Lynne1 are you in England?  Over here in the States well it's just a crazy time and I for one can't wait to get over to Europe for some sensible conversation!

01 January at 09:00 - by austin.wright

Hi all, I have just been fishing around the internet and I came across this forum so I have registered because I have seen some conversations about Global Great Hotels.  Anyway I am doing my research because I was talking to my cousin (via Zoom of course!) and lockdown 3 has really affected me so she was trying to cheer me up and talking about holidays anyway she mentioned this company Global Great Hotels becasue she is a member and said we could go on holiday but funnily enough at the same time she mentioned about investment.  Now over this last year and into the new one I have been thinking about investements but none of them being me any joy or make me feel excited and as I love my holidays and its about the only thing that is keeping me going at the moment (well in my mind at least) I started trawling the internet and I found this forum.  Of course I know my cousin is a clever lady and wouldn't invest in anything bad, but I am interested and would like to hear others views?  Sorry for long post!

01 January at 12:09 - by Lynne1

Did you invest in Global Great Hotels as well @Rachel.Brown?

03 January at 10:00 - by Lynne1

How funny we were just talking about GGH!  We're good thank you @austin.wright, just trying to get through the latest lockdown although I can't speak for everyone but I can speak for us in that we're chomping at the bit to be able to get away…

03 January at 12:21 - by Rachel.Brown

I think our restrictions are pretty much liike yours but at least you don't have the eternal embarrasment of Trump to never get over!

05 January at 12:29 - by austin.wright

oh on the contrary, @Austin.wright I think we do…Boris…but I guess he's not President and really isn't as bad!  @Lynne1 to answer your question, yes we did, a good while ago, and we have been very pleased.  The customer service is second to none, they're really easy to deal with and we get the holidays we want when we want so yes, and we're the same, been dreaming mmore and more about having the sun on our backs.  It seems like an eternity since we were able to get away.

09 January at 09:07 - by Rachel.Brown

Thank you all for getting back to me, yes it does and I like the idea of being able to nip over to Spain or Majorca as I don’t want to go long-haul any more not at my age and I am on my own now since my husband died.  Actually I have another question if people don't mind.  I am on my own, does that affect anything for example are there single supplements does anyone know?

10 January at 08:25 - by Lynne1

Actually I do know because although not on my own, we have been members a very long time and during that time lucky enough to make many friends through the club. One of them is a single lady in a similar position to you and know that she uses it just the same as we do - no supplements or anything and if you want to be introduced to sort of "like-minded people" shall we say, they organise social events such as meals and even playing French bowls which we rather enjoy!

15 January at 02:51 - by anne.kempton

when I was there, ladies, it was just wonderful, as we had a trip up to Valledemossa and Palma it was real fun.  Another time we went we booked onto a catermaran trip.  Then once we went on a boat trip and had plenty of evenings with good company and entertainment.

15 January at 05:26 - by austin.wright

Sorry, another question, so you can sort of mingle with others if you wanted to but you don’t have to do you?

16 January at 02:08 - by Lynne1

gosh no not at all, it's jjust if you fancy it

19 January at 12:04 - by anne.kempton

ok thank you for all this, I'll have a look at some of the other discussions as it seems like quite a nice option for me.  I'll definitely think about it - food for thought!

19 January at 12:44 - by Lynne1
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