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Invest in Global Great Hotels?

  • 10 April at 15:32 - by Ann..B - 1298 views


I know this sounds a bit strange, but does anyone know any hotel companies that are worth investing in?  I have heard that Global Great Hotels are a good one, as there is another chat on here about them.  I love holidays and I have some money to invest, so it makes sense to me lol laugh

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Never apologise for a great question my love it does make sense.  I think Titan Tours are a good one as they won lots of awards recently.  also for the uk I wld say Hoseasons

10 April at 18:37 - by RoBlake

Hoseasons have you lost your mind?!  those whatsits lost my bloody booking the last time I went to one of their parks angry

11 April at 08:07 - by Stevie

Hoseasons don't have parks mate they have parks affiliated to them lol

11 April at 18:37 - by kevinGlancy

shall we return to the point?are you looking uk or abroad?

13 April at 10:26 - by manEdinburgh

Anywhere really I mean I usually holiday abroad but not too far but does that really matter I mean I just want a good investment so I thought they might be up my street. Global Great hotels I mean

13 April at 18:39 - by  Ann..B

I think you should look at this Global hotels because they are both a huge travel company and an investment company so you might have both options covered at once.  My best friend has been an owner with them for many years and altough I believe they are based in Spain or somewhere in Europe my friend travles all over the world with them in fact he has just come back from Vegas so that might be worth having a look at

16 April at 09:59 - by manEdinburgh

thanks thats good to hear yes

16 April at 12:34 - by  Ann..B

so they aare a travel company that does investments I don't get it

16 April at 18:18 - by kevinGlancy

theres another convo in this forum about them have a look its interesting as I really love to travel and I love the idea that I can invest and travel anywhere I want at the same time


17 April at 06:52 - by  Ann..B

yer you invest then you get like your own personal  travel person and you get massive discounts my friend just told me what he paid for flights to vegas man unreal have a look defo.

17 April at 11:02 - by manEdinburgh

I really wasn't expecting that lol thanks everyone thank you 

17 April at 23:18 - by  Ann..B

does anyone have any knowledge to help me with holiday home investment?  I see some people have bought property in spain?  I am looking at buying a holiday property in the UK but am thinking spain may be better in terms of rentals?

08 July at 18:59 - by austin.wright

thanks for that so if you don’t mind me asking dod you invest?

10 July at 23:48 - by austin.wright

yes we did last year.

12 July at 09:00 - by  Ann..B

im sorry but this looks like a timeshare company go read the reviews

13 July at 23:09 - by Blake.W

not being funny but this is why I have joined this forum as someone rightly puts it on another thread mate reviews are confusing and misleading and its far better to actually ask half intelligent people the truth

14 July at 01:40 - by austin.wright

up to you if you want a timeshare love

17 July at 06:20 - by Blake.W

Look at the facts and you will see that real estate periods are not timeshare.  Its ignorant people like you which casue problems casting aspertions and sweeping statements like that

23 July at 06:43 - by  Ann..B

I am reading more and more about this company I would be fascinated to hear if anyone knows about this

13 September at 03:58 - by Karl46

check them out. we took the plunge and never looked back.  Have a look at the other chats about  them and youll see other members talking about them too all really good

15 September at 03:15 - by  Ann..B

the problem in this day and age is that there are so many review websites and its so easy to be negative. I bought with them many years ago in Marbella and we have had fabulous holidays and get an income off our investment every year.  We are booked to go on a cruise later this year and to one of their new resorts in Tenerife in september. More than 10 years and no complaint whatsoever and no, it’s not timeshare

16 September at 16:13 - by best_west

we can't wait to get back to one of the hotels and we have used them for flights too and It’s much cheaper than usual online bookings, so it's the more you use it the better it is really.

18 September at 23:34 - by  Ann..B
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