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Global Great Hotels, too good to be true?

  • 27 July at 12:55 - by mrsbettan - 1919 views


Hi there, just back from a holiday in Spain as we do every year but this year we have discovered a system offered by a company called Global Great Hotels. Apparently if you become a client you get unlimited holidays (some even for free!) AND an excellent return on your investment.

My husband convinced me to sign in and we love the idea but I am having some doubts as it seems to good to be true... Does anybody here have any experience with them?

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Hello, I have been a member of Global Great for years and so far so good :) but I understand your doubts, it DOES look too good to be true and certainly a few little things might not be exactly as expected. Let’s take the free holidays that include the flights, you can’t choose where and when yuo go...Just wait for the offer to come in and book it if you are interested. Also I don’t think you get free holidays if you don’t reach a certain level of membership, I think it’s 3 or 5 periods…

28 July at 08:03 - by edinem

Thank you Edinem, I didn’t know you could get free holidays offered to you on a regular basis! What about the return on investment? It’s the part I’m most sceptical about.

28 July at 13:49 - by  mrsbettan

The return is great, it paid back my loan in a few years and now I’m starting to make profit with the rental programme. My advice is don’t worry anymore and start enjoying the services as soon as you can. Rates for package tours and other services are also very good

29 July at 19:22 - by edinem

I bought 3 periods with them in 2013 and I’m very satisfied as well. We get free stays but not free holidays though, this is reserved for ambassador or platinum members and not for premium level. No problem about the return which is even better since the pound dropped against the euro.

You can check this thread, it’s about real estate periods:

30 July at 00:06 - by anne.kempton

I had never heard of real estate periods before and now it seems to be everywhere. Have you seen the latest article on this forum? It is about...real estate periods! I have personally no experience with it and do not plan to but have a read, it may help you :)

30 July at 11:00 - by anthony51986

I hadn’t even seen the article!

30 July at 17:51 - by  mrsbettan

Wow, when I became a member, nobody knew about real estate periods, it was still the beginning I guess. This is great news!

PS: Anne.kempton, have you already visited the new hotel Garden Lago?

02 August at 20:19 - by edinem

Not yet, I have been to Marbella for some winter sun instead. I’m thinking about it for Easter next year.

02 August at 21:04 - by anne.kempton

We just spent our holidya in Garden Lago. Edinem, what would you like to know?

02 August at 21:45 - by  mrsbettan

I would like a feedback as I have been told by a friend it is infested with mosquitos but my friend can be a moaner sometimes :)

03 August at 00:11 - by edinem

Well, there are mosquitoes as the resort is close to the lake but I wouldn’t say it is “infested”. Take repellent and after bite with you and you’ll be fine

03 August at 00:33 - by  mrsbettan

I prefer Aucanada club, stunning views and quieter place, and probably less mosquitoes :)

02 January at 20:59 - by castleyek

I totally agree with you @castleyek, Aucanada is much better than Gaden Lago

05 January at 18:08 - by ely25

I've just seen this, we love Garden Lago I cant believe people are complaining about it, it's common sense!  If the hotel is next to a lake and it's hot, then of course you're going to have mosquitos!   

13 March at 16:32 - by Jayesh.B

Our favourite has to be Aucanada always has been.

14 March at 10:43 - by edinem

We love Garden Lago and the locartion is perfect for kids

20 March at 16:34 - by rick.gard

Completely agree with you great for kids but Aucanada is great too the pools are good and great entertainment

20 March at 19:06 - by edinem

Has anyone tried the Costa Blanca?

23 March at 05:42 - by Jayesh.B

Not yet but they have places all over the place 

23 March at 06:12 - by edinem

We've been to Denia, absoutely loved it!  Denia is a lovely place too 

25 March at 06:58 - by rick.gard

just come across this forum.  I’ve just invested in real estate periods with them and now I have just found this…please can I have some reassurance?

05 July at 12:54 - by Tarry4

why do you need reassurance? are you worried?  Don't be we are very happy cudn’t recommend more

08 July at 17:50 - by anne.kempton

yes same here we have had ours for nearly a year now and are really pleased.  What are you worried about?

13 July at 20:39 - by edinem

well it's just a lot of money

13 July at 21:01 - by Tarry4

not really when you consider the return

14 July at 18:48 - by edinem

plus the amount of holidays you get!  It's all about the holidays!

17 July at 05:01 - by anne.kempton

that's what attracted us and it's niice to see on here people are using the resorts and they look lovely

21 July at 11:39 - by Tarry4

they are lovely, and you are not restricted, you can go to many different places

22 July at 00:49 - by rick.gard

I love Marbella, it's so beautiful and we're booked into Garden Lago this summer which we're so looking forward to

22 July at 14:12 - by anne.kempton

So everyone gets the availability? and income?

22 July at 23:24 - by Tarry4

Absolutely, why not? But make the request at least a few weeks or months in advance. Income works just fine as long as you don’t forget to make the request wink

23 July at 11:14 - by edinem

That's what we liked the idea of as we are real self-catering people… we also need the income to finance the purchase. ok thanks everyone feeling better as there seems to be a real community around real estate periods so much better now thanks again

28 July at 22:04 - by Tarry4

Any time honestly any questions you have fire away!

30 July at 02:19 - by anne.kempton
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