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Real estate periods in Europe

  • 23 March at 10:46 - by samuel-burton.1968 - 3265 views


We have been searching on the internet and, regarding real estate periods, there are a large number of timeshare companies. Are they a good choice? We would like to invest in this sector but we need some feedback first.
Thanks in advance for your help, ‌

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could you be a little more precise? Are you looking to invest in Europe, Asia, USA etc. as most of these companies focus on a particular market. First you need to know where you want to purchase the periods and then make a selection of the different companies offering or specialized in this market.

28 March at 12:58 - by asrielinvestor

Thanks, we did not realize that! We prefer Europe as it is where we live and take most of our holidays. Any experience in this particular area?

28 March at 16:28 - by  samuel-burton.1968

Well yes and no, I own periods in the US. I bought them with Ritz-Carlton.  Don’t think I can help you here as I believe they don’t do that in Europe. Sorry :(

29 March at 19:48 - by asrielinvestor

Your best bet is global great hotels. Their package works really well and they are based in Europe. I have been with them for about 8 years now and they’ve always been helpful and efficient. Their people are very friendly and the service is personalized. So far, our experience is positive.

In my opinion they’re probably the best option in Europe. 

06 April at 14:11 - by Jayesh.B

I will defo have a look. Do you have any contact? Thanks for your help ;)

06 April at 20:02 - by  samuel-burton.1968

I suggest you visit one of their hotels before you decide anything, they will explain you the different packages they offer ;)

09 April at 11:23 - by Jayesh.B

Cheers. Do you recommend any of them in particular?

10 April at 15:20 - by  samuel-burton.1968

Not really, I personally like Majorca

10 April at 20:29 - by Jayesh.B

Can someone explain what real estate periods are?

14 May at 08:05 - by Vita-Krnac3

Maybe you should create a new thread and ask for info.

22 May at 14:06 - by asrielinvestor


22 May at 17:11 - by Vita-Krnac3

I think there is some confusion over Real Estate Periods. Certainly in the UK it is not a commonly used term at all, but from my research it is like timeshare but with more of an invetment held within it. I think it'll atually become quite big, especially in the current climate of uncertainty when people are less likely to buy outright holiday homes but still want investment and holidays.

24 May at 17:53 - by encrazy

Yes this is why we were interested. We have decided to buy with Global Great Hotels now and are really happy with our purchase

25 May at 18:00 - by  samuel-burton.1968

As I have a lot of time on my hands, like most of us do at the moment, I have been researching reasonable investments not for right now, but for this time next year.  I think real estate periods look good could I get some feedback?smiley

14 April at 06:09 - by Fleur

haha so have I!i cannot comment on real estate periods in general, but I know my own lol

26 April at 03:13 - by  samuel-burton.1968

so do i!  Are you based in the US @Fleur?cheeky

29 April at 03:17 - by encrazy

yes so I have heard of real estate periods before but not really in the context of Europe.  After this is all over, we are thinking of coming over and looking at the viability of European investments for obvious reasons (our President!)

02 May at 01:53 - by Fleur

I know @Samuel-Burton.1968 is pleased with his purchase I guess it depends whether you want the holdiays too?

13 May at 07:44 - by encrazy

I actually like this idea having holidays as well we need to check out Europe!

28 May at 06:59 - by Fleur

100% recommend in that case, mate!!

29 May at 10:01 - by  samuel-burton.1968
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