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Holidays and investment at the same time?

  • 12 June at 17:06 - by EdiWalker - 3570 views


Hello to all users, I hope this message finds you well.

My name is Edi and I am writing to you because I would like to discuss something I have recently discovered. In one of the articles available on this website I read something about investing in real estate periods. How different is this from the timeshare system? What is your opinion on this matter? Is it truly possible to make a good investment and enjoy holidays at the same time?

Many thanks for your comments.

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These are 2 different things.

Timeshare is just a membership you use to go back to same place every year on your week or points and if you are lucky you can exchange to another place at another time. Points are a bit more flexible but are expensive in maintenance fees.

Real estate periods offer the option to rent and get a good income. It’s a bit like condo hotel but much less expensive and more flexible and you can travel anywhere.

Yes we can have holidays at the same time that we are getting rent. We can holiday in lots of different places for small booking fees or access a private travel agency to go anywhere else at good prices. I had timeshare for years and changed to real estate periods 5 years ago. A whole different world…

13 June at 19:10 - by anne.kempton

Thanks for the info =)

14 June at 08:09 - by  EdiWalker

Anne I just read your post and it comes at the right moment! I would like to get rid of my old timeshare as it became too costly. How did you do to change to real estate periods?

15 June at 21:35 - by AaronDavis

Hi AaronDavis!

I see where you come from. I actually traded in the 2 weeks in Paradise Club that I had in Tenerife. It was a good option as it cost us less money.

18 June at 10:48 - by anne.kempton

Really? Where did you do that?

18 June at 16:07 - by AaronDavis

In Marbella back in 2013. If you are interested you can look at this thread: I bought with global great hotels as well. Check them out

18 June at 16:38 - by anne.kempton

Good to know! My membership is in Gran Canaria so I guess it could work for me too. I’ve sent them an email, we‘ll see what happens next.

19 June at 08:47 - by AaronDavis

I wondered if anyone had any advice: I emailed my timeshare company in Gran Canaria and they said I would not be able to give it back but that they could put it up for sale for me they have just emailed me now and said that there iss a buyer but its a lot less than what I paid for it 10 years ago indecision

01 July at 05:57 - by AaronDavis

Two things actually I would say are that I didn't deal with my old timeshare company, my new company did it for me and I got a really good deal when I joined Global Great Hotels and no hassle at all definitiely recommend.

01 July at 21:22 - by  EdiWalker

Really?  You got good money?

02 July at 11:31 - by AaronDavis

More than happy. But to be fair I don't think they are worth a great deal so if you have the chance of getting any money for it you'll be lucky. I wanted to stay in the holiday system so I joined GGH but it depends what you want to do.

03 July at 15:25 - by  EdiWalker

Ok thanks. yes

04 July at 08:42 - by AaronDavis

Guys I could really do with some advice now because it's been a long time.  As you may remember I has asked my old timeshare company to sell my weeks for me because they said I can't just hand them back any more.  Anyway they said that they had a buyer but this was ages ago and they said the buyer dropped out becacuse of whats going on in the world so I am still stuck with it still paying the maintenance fees and with no way of getting out of it.Am pretty worried now wish I never got into it.

05 May at 10:26 - by AaronDavis

hun don't worry I can imagine it's a stressful time for you but don’t worry I guess the only thing I can say is what I said before, I mean I really don't know how it worked at all, but I just know that we traded ours in, got some money in recognition or part ex or whatever and that was thatsmiley

05 May at 12:47 - by anne.kempton

merky merky merky there are so many chats on here about timeshares and real estate periods and stuff you want to go to a timeshare forum guys they will set you straight lol

06 May at 01:35 - by NayNay

thanks for that, how do you know we don't?  I mean, this is an investment forum and the last time l looked, real estate periods are classed as an investment so get informed before you come in with a comment like that I would

14 May at 04:14 - by anne.kempton

Can I just say something here NayNay have you  had a bad experience?  I mean, I obviously didn't get any problems as my new company sorted mine out for me, but why are we so anti?

17 May at 04:22 - by  EdiWalker

mate everyone knows that all timeshares are scams

20 May at 08:09 - by NayNay

I beg your pardon they are not we have had lovely holidays for years and years.  We bought in Tenerife many, many years ago, then we added a second week and used it every year and then we came across our current company when we went on exchange to a different place and joined them.  Since doin that we have holidayed all over the world and not just in timeshare.  I always say to people like you who have jumped on the bandwagon, you probably don't even own a timeshare so you firslty don't have a clue what youre talking about and secondly you never hear the positive side of timeshare on the negative.  Yes we are no longer in it but I am more than happy to say we started in it and i have never regretted it not for a second and guess what we still sometimes opt to stay in timeshare apartments becasue they are generally vastly superior to the others!

21 May at 05:20 - by anne.kempton

yes but what about this poor bugger who cant get out of it?  This is the stuff in the press, the fact that people cannot get out

30 May at 02:12 - by NayNay

I have to agree I mean I wish I never got in it seems the only way you can get out is to get into something else

31 May at 08:42 - by AaronDavis

I would say one thing tho I mean I know what your saying and that but after lockdown eases would you still go on holiday?

04 June at 01:22 - by  EdiWalker


09 June at 05:07 - by AaronDavis

Theres your answer then matey boy!

14 June at 06:16 - by  EdiWalker

you saying I should hang onto it?

20 June at 06:46 - by AaronDavis

im just sayign look at your options, your obviously interested in investments otherwise yiou would not have signed up to this forum

22 June at 09:56 - by  EdiWalker

true that

23 June at 06:13 - by AaronDavis

its all about the holidays for us!

23 June at 07:59 - by anne.kempton

ok I get it

26 June at 01:10 - by AaronDavis
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