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What steps should I take to purchase a property in Spain?

  • 09 April at 17:24 - by austin.wright - 1112 views


Good morning, this is Austin. The point is that I am thinking of buying a second residence in Majorca because we always have to rent different apartments whenever we go there on holidays, and we want to have something of our own. Nonetheless, I think that the procedure for buying a house in Majorca is different from the one in the U.K. Is that true?

I would really appreciate some guidance.

Thanks in advance.

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Before buying a property in Spain, there are many important points to consider. We also bought a finca in Majorca years ago and would do a lot different today.

Before buying, make sure that the seller is the legal owner and that the item is not debt or encumbered. I would definitely request the cadastral extract beforehand. We had the problem that the cultivation of our house was not legalized! I would definitely recommend you invest your money in something less stressing!

13 April at 02:08 - by Investglexu

In case you are still interested, I advise every foreigner in Mallorca to have a first check by a specialist. After all, an investment in a property is not done every day. Have heard a lot of negative cases.

28 April at 20:43 - by Josh-1Carlson

If you want to make a good use of your money, instead of buying a house you should buy real estate periods.

I bought 3 periods  in Majorca 5 years ago and it works really good, we are very happy - you still got the best benefits of buying a house but the investment is worthier!

07 May at 09:16 - by anne.kempton

Sounds great but I know nothing about that. How interesting is this? How could I inquire? Thanks

07 May at 14:24 - by  austin.wright

Much more interesting than a traditional second residence and much less headache!!

And the good thing is we don’t have to always get back to the same place.

There must be various options but the company we bought with is Global Great Hotels. I believe it’s one of the biggest players in Europe but I don’t know about any other name.

09 May at 10:56 - by anne.kempton

Thanks Anne. How can we contact them to have some information? Do you have a phone number or a website?

09 May at 12:14 - by  austin.wright

09 May at 15:47 - by anne.kempton

Have you bought one now?  I was just wondering because I am thinking of buying a property too as a second home.  Where in Spain do people recommend?

20 May at 15:38 - by encrazy

I own a property in Estepona actually. There was a lot of building work out there and we were on holiday and got it cheap. As some of the comments say thought, there is a lot of red tape so you have to make sure you have the right notary. There are plenty of English speaking ones in that area though and they want the investment.

22 May at 07:25 - by btgmh

sO, @austin Did you buy a property with Global Great Hotels in the end?

24 May at 12:00 - by encrazy

Actually we just didwe went with themreally happy wink

25 May at 15:41 - by  austin.wright
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