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What about storage units?

  • 23 October at 09:18 - by simon.K - 5128 views


My friend has just bought into a self storage unit company.  I see they are popping up all over the place...any good?

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no.  just a phase.

24 October at 17:52 - by property-owner

completely disagree.  They are one of the best small time investments you can make in the UK right now, with a strong and growing market.  So you your research. Your friend has done a good thing.

25 October at 21:00 - by Scott-HW

I actually own several sites myself.  Definitely vouch for this area.

25 October at 23:19 - by kerih

really?  Ah great, we can pick your brains!

26 October at 11:32 - by Scott-HW

not really as I don't have investors, but for example, people investing in the top/biggest companies are looking at a 36.7% gain over 3 years, so that's pretty good.  Depending on how much you want to invest. But I think if you're in the market of student lets/buy to lets, then it's 100% something to look at.

28 October at 00:14 - by kerih

that is fantastic to know.

28 October at 12:42 - by Scott-HW

ok am sold!

29 October at 08:07 - by  simon.K
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