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St Kitts and Nevis

  • 01 October at 12:06 - by arthur.3 - 1147 views


I have the opportunity to invest in real estate in the Caribbean:  does anyone know anything about St Kitts and Nevis? It's investing $250,000 but it allows the use of the villa, 4 passports, no income tax or capital gains.  It's only a thought, as it looks appealing. No bashing, please.

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does it allow you to use the villa anytime you like?  Or do you get a return?

01 October at 17:53 - by wannabe54

you can do both, I think.  THen you can cash out in 3 years.  8% return.

02 October at 13:32 - by  arthur.3

in all fairness I think you would have to have citizenship in order to purchase real estate over there anyway.  they are packaging up what you would already need and really you have to think if you're actually going to go out there that much because depending on your age, usage is a massive factor in any investment overseas.

02 October at 19:12 - by brandon6210

there are lots of other investments other there, similar to this, closer to home and not wanting to put you off, but the income tax would still be payable over here, just not over there.  it depends how deep you want to get into it, as I suppose you could have a bank account over there and keep the money there but you have to be careful bringing it back to the UK

03 October at 00:46 - by JD49

yes I agree.  You wouold have to have a bank account over there anyway as part of the citizenship, but you have to be careful when developers or whoever is trying to sell this to you make grandiose claims about tax!

03 October at 01:24 - by brandon6210

I was duped a few years ago.  It worked in a way, because I did get a good return and it did genuinely go into my bank account, again this was in Mexico, but then I got stung bringing it back so please be careful its not always worth it

03 October at 17:59 - by bestinvestment

I am interested tho I will continue to research St kitts and nevis looks lovely

04 October at 11:00 - by wannabe54

just look at somewhere either closer to home where you are going to use the money in that country or be prepared to pay some tax somewhere we can't hide from the tax man forever!

04 October at 17:38 - by bestinvestment
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