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Real Estate - Stocks

  • 19 June at 16:00 - by Emily59 - 3108 views


Which is the better investment : real estate or stocks?

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I think that they are both great investments. Personally, I prefer real estate to stocks, mainly because I understand it better and it is a “real” asset. I think the best investment for someone to make is one that they can understand.

19 June at 14:35 - by Steve U

There’s something awesome about making money of an asset which you can enjoy using. It’s like a piece of art hanging on your wall. Imagine it increasing in value over a 5 year time period all the while getting to enjoy it. Much better than stocks!

21 June at 06:12 - by Rachel.Brown

Such a great analogy. Couldn’t agree more.

21 June at 08:47 - by Steve U

Personally, I prefer stocks because they don’t come with expenses (maintenance for example). I like the idea of real estate in theory, I don’t like the work involved and the possibility of having periods of time with no renters. I prefer dividend paying stocks, but I’m conservative.

23 June at 16:03 - by mshaDa

Good points! If you don’t want to do anything, real estate is not for you.

23 June at 19:30 - by Rachel.Brown

No question, real estate for sure. I always liked real estate because I can have total control over my investment. I can raise rents and at the time increase the value of my investment. The value of income property is based on how much revenue is generated.

24 June at 00:09 - by TJm0m0306

Thanks for helping guys! I’ll be thinking about this before making a decision.

24 June at 11:19 - by  Emily59

Totally agree that real estate is a way better investment than stocks as it is a tangible asset that only the bank can take away from you

27 June at 04:04 - by username4

yes but it all depends onn your situation because you might not have the time to look after your asset.  You have to take care of it.  What about the maintenance?  If you have an apartment you have to pay the maintenance charges which can sometime be extortionate then you have to either find tenants who can be extremely unreliable or if you want to sell it you have to rely on a buyer therefore you have to rely on the market.  All the while paying the mortgage out of your own pocket.  I know some people who've really got themselves in a sticky whicket trying to turn their properties around quickly, only to find that no one wants to buy them...just being devils advocat here 

27 June at 18:03 - by mshaDa

haha yes indeed and this is why I like forums like this because you can get all sides of the story!

28 June at 00:24 - by username4


01 July at 02:29 - by mshaDa

wow lol 

02 July at 08:41 - by Rachel.Brown

I like my stocks.  I can trade on my lunchbreak!

04 July at 15:28 - by mshaDa

you can't be that successful if you still have a lunchbreak! devil

04 July at 20:09 - by Steve U

lol Steve I never said I was successful I said I enjoyed it cheeky

05 July at 21:50 - by mshaDa

you make me laugh but seriously now I do believe just out of my own personal experience that you are better off investing in real estate no matter what it is but in the same breath, be careful if you're buying off plan 

06 July at 00:47 - by Rachel.Brown

why do you say that?

06 July at 09:55 - by username4

my friend bought off plan in Spain a few years ago and got burnt

07 July at 15:30 - by Rachel.Brown

ah no I am looking the UK.  Thanks all for your advice!

08 July at 20:45 - by username4
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