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Real Estate - Crowdfunding

  • 12 July at 07:44 - by austin.wright - 3202 views


What do you think about invest in real estate crowdfunding?

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Depends what your goals are and what you expect. First, you need to decide whether it’s a good idea to invest in real estate. I assume you’ve gone through that analysis already and are now deciding that real estate could help you meet your investment goals, look for a reputable crowdfunding site with an experienced real estate team.

13 July at 15:08 - by jeffersonvenom048

Yes, Jeffersonvenom048, more or less, I just need advices to be sure :)

14 July at 08:20 - by  austin.wright

It’s important to find a crowdfunding platform you trust. Read the biographies of the management’s team and look for real estate expertise. Crowdfunding may be relatively new, but real estate isn’t and it’s an industry where experience counts. Make sure the website is informative and easy to use.

14 July at 12:49 - by karen916

Karen916 you’re so right! You must ask you: Are the investments is clearly explained? Are you well informed to make a choice? Is there a support if you have questions to the investors?

After you’ve found the platform, examine the investment offerings. While type of property, expected return and investment period are all important to consider. Don’t forget the most important: fees. In other words, how much will it cost to hold this investment?

16 July at 00:16 - by neptune675

If you have patience, then investment in real estate crowdfunding is made for you. If you invest in some project and that project start running well, you will start receiving its benefits early in the shape of dividend.

Hope my advice helps you to make the right decision!

16 July at 08:35 - by jeffersonvenom048

Thanks guys for all your comments, so helpful. I’ll try soon and let you know if it was a good decision!

17 July at 21:17 - by  austin.wright
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