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Mortgage Backed Securities

  • 13 November at 14:39 - by btgmh - 1634 views


Despite their bad reputation recently, there are apparently the way to go now.  Advice please.

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13 November at 21:17 - by 3ark

Have you been living under a rock?!!!!!!

14 November at 00:26 - by hui_c

There is no need to be so rude!  I am simply asking for advice.

15 November at 11:13 - by  btgmh

It’s not all bad news mate, despite the huge financial crash lol, nah am joking, that was in the US not the UK in relation to these bonds.  It is actually a sound investment and i will tell you why mate because the banks put together mortgages and pass them on to investment companies who benefit from the interest the punter is paying even if the interest rates drop which is hugely unlikely they are still sitting pretty and really if you want to make idiotic remarks i think you should keep them for yourself

16 November at 08:06 - by stephensweetDis

And the interest rates are set to rise this year again i thik

17 November at 09:00 - by  btgmh

Apparently so mate so yer nothign wrong with that investment

17 November at 11:50 - by stephensweetDis

Its a classic one and good for your portfolio listen your never going to be completely risk free in any of this but you have to look at our economy whatever happens the show must go on even with Brexit we are not as someone on here said living under a rock we will still continue to exisit as a country and as a nation so we will still trade, we will still buy houses, so nothign wrong with it

18 November at 00:32 - by Jaynem

Thank you for your constructive advice!

19 November at 15:14 - by  btgmh

This keeps coming up in conversation and I read the comments on here and I am interested even if it is possibly one of the most boring investment topics in the world loool

06 January at 16:25 - by GaiL.N

your comment made me laugh mate spot on boring but lucrative 

06 January at 23:26 - by stephensweetDis

Haha glad

07 January at 17:49 - by GaiL.N

listen some of the most boring investments will be the best in your portfolio and yes this is boring but none the less mate it is a goodun'

08 January at 04:43 - by stephensweetDis

you would recommend it then?

10 January at 11:28 - by GaiL.N

listen I ain't no financial wizz kid but yes it is a sound plodder like I am from a sales background meself and we always say the plodders are your bread and butter.  Sales superstars burn themselves out but plodders will give you consistant deals they wont set the world alight but you can rely on them to deliver time and time again just like this

11 January at 11:42 - by stephensweetDis

thanks dude I like the analoygy

11 January at 20:07 - by GaiL.N

any time mate

15 January at 02:57 - by stephensweetDis
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