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Liverpool real estate

  • 18 October at 19:51 - by chris999 - 5921 views


I have always wanted to own an apartment in Liverpool, and I have had an email regarding a new development at the Central Docks hotspot.  They are offering them for £137,393 with a 6.4%net income. Has anyone got any experience with this?

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Very much so, I bought back in 2010 when they were first offering the cheaper apartments for sale around the Liver Building.  I was one of the first. You are buying off plan which has advantages and disadvantages. If you get in quick you can get a real bargain, but you must make sure you get one with a view!  I nearly made the mistake of buying one looking inside rather than outside. Also, off plan means that they have no experience of how they are going to work in reality.

18 October at 23:51 - by rollstone

thank you.  And do you get a yield if you don't mind me asking?

19 October at 16:15 - by  chris999

yes I do, the developers and the rental company all in one, so they have rented it out and I have enjoyed a huge percentage yield compared to the price I paid.  You have a huge market because of course you have the uni there as well as business. As far as I know, mine is rented to a company who use it for their employees when they are there in business.

19 October at 19:07 - by rollstone

you recommend it then?

21 October at 04:27 - by dewy55


21 October at 10:12 - by rollstone

I have always loved Liverpool, and I love the idea of owning there

21 October at 11:53 - by  chris999

you can't use it remember

22 October at 03:16 - by rollstone

yes I know, but I like the thought

23 October at 14:37 - by  chris999

fair enough

23 October at 15:02 - by rollstone

am dubious about the percentage return?  and also it's a new developemtn? is there anything there?

24 October at 09:10 - by dewy55

am going to go and have a look for myself as they say there are bars etc but I don't know if there built yet

24 October at 12:00 - by  chris999

yes good idea, but make sure all fine first.

26 October at 11:36 - by dewy55
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