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Is buying a vineyard a good investment?

  • 06 July at 22:00 - by brandon6210 - 963 views


Is buying a vineyard a good investment?

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Investing in wine is risky business

08 July at 13:54 - by investreader

I agree with you investreader, a lot can go wrong from the time the wine is made to when the bottle is opened. Poor handling and storage can hurt a wine just as much as overall scarcity and positive reviews can help enhance its reputation

10 July at 16:06 - by knkl74512

Yes that’s right, when you look at the world's supply of wine production, only 1 percent of that in any given year would fall into the investable quality category, those odds are terrible. In my opinion, I wouldn't even bother. I don't think it's for most people.

13 July at 08:21 - by investreader

Vineyards are often a good investment for their owners but they can take years to become profitable. A Vineyard isn’t a quick way to earn money. Like most comercial ventures, it requires substantial investment, hard work and right combination of skills & knowledge.

14 July at 05:33 - by MichiganMan

Don't forget that the best wine investments are long term plays. You can sometimes make a quick flip for a nice profit, but a penitent man will profit the most. Good luck!!

14 July at 09:25 - by knkl74512

Thank you all your opinions.

15 July at 12:49 - by  brandon6210

I am intrigued to see:  @Brandon6210 did you buy a vinyard?

31 August at 13:16 - by MichiganMan

gosh yes I did actually!

01 September at 06:45 - by  brandon6210

That's really interesting.  Where is it if you don' mind me asking?

04 September at 10:37 - by MichiganMan

of course not it's in Southern England

04 September at 21:52 - by  brandon6210

Really??  I thought you were going to say Spain or France or something!

05 September at 06:12 - by MichiganMan

No, interestingly we were given the opportunity to purchase it along with a cherry orchard so we have diversified.  Both were established along with a farm, so we now no longer work in London, grow cherries which we sell and we offer people the opportunity to sponsor a cherry tree, we have taken a crash course in wine making which is well underway now, as this area is known for excellent wines in fact, and we rear pigs and some sheep on the farm!  We also have a farm shop/cafe and are open to the public to come and pick the cherries so it's all good.

08 September at 03:43 - by  brandon6210

Wow that is wonderful

09 September at 19:13 - by MichiganMan

I warn you now, you need to work hard and diversify.  As the good people said on here before, wine itself is a very difficult indusrty so you must be able to diversify and be open to all sorts of ideas, no matter how crazy they sound!!

10 September at 20:46 - by  brandon6210
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