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Investing in Student Let Accommodation

  • 08 August at 08:00 - by supervesting - 868 views


Hi there. I have recently been offered the opportunity to invest in Student Let Accommodation at Liverpool University.  I have done some online research and found real contradictions in people's experiences...could I get some pure investor-oriented advice?

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I know what you mean we are regularly emailed by several companies with Student Let investment opportunities...have been wondering myself about these, as the percentage return is really good.

08 August at 23:00 - by mr.investor

Can I give everyone a bit of personal advice?  If you're going to buy Student property, please, do not invest in these modern schemes.  Yes, they are going to manage it and control the money and investment for you, but what if you want to cash out?  Where is the market? You'll be on your own. I bought a terraced house in Exeter a few years ago quite cheaply and did it up.  I then gave it to a local letting agent to rent it out for me. It is very, very lucrative, it is my own house to do with what I will, and sell any time I choose.  Not a "pod" or something in a block over which I have no control.

09 August at 13:18 - by 370lizZ

that's really helpful.  Thank you. I'd never have thought of that.

10 August at 00:06 - by  supervesting

Ah, that's really interesting, makes more sense to me.

10 August at 01:25 - by mr.investor

I bought one and my percentage return is way higher than a normal rental and I don't have to lift a finger to do anything I just get paid monthly into my bank account I can cash out in 5 years timeMore than happy.

10 August at 14:24 - by Kungfumassive

Yes that's fine, but are you guaranteed that money?  What if they can't sell it?

10 August at 16:53 - by 370lizZ

I have it it in writing   guaranteed

10 August at 21:22 - by Kungfumassive

Really?  Sounds too good to be true.  I'd rather own my own property fully freehold.

11 August at 00:06 - by 370lizZ

I've just had a quick look on Rightmove, and it looks pretty expensive t do it that way nowadays...

11 August at 00:35 - by  supervesting

As I said, I bought mine a few years ago, so perhaps these things have gone up.  Would still recommend it though. Why don't you look at cheaper university towns?  Hull or Aberystwyth for example?

12 August at 09:14 - by 370lizZ

Thanks a lot I will

12 August at 16:55 - by  supervesting

I am glad I came across this and there was a mention of Liverpool because I have just been reading the same conversation on another forum it seems people are quite keen on student accommodation in Liverpool especially as there is a lot of building and opportunity.

29 September at 04:17 - by TJSHall

Funnily enough I have just come across one too it seems a lot of us want to get into the buy to let market and the thing with student lets, espcially new builds targetted at people like us are very tempting with low depisits and stuff i am still sceptical tho

02 October at 05:15 - by WendymCl

I actually took the advice of 370lizz and went ahead and bought a traditional property in Aberystwyth!  I have not looked back honestly it is the best thing I have ever done

04 October at 10:47 - by  supervesting

Did you?  Really I am flattered!  I am delighted to hear that it is going well!

06 October at 18:49 - by 370lizZ

So well!  The property wasn't massively cheap but big enough and needed a bit of work so I spend a bit of money on it, but tell you what it is so worth it and I know that it is very easily saleable and I am in control of my own money and destiny with it.

10 October at 11:16 - by  supervesting

What makes everyone thing these new ones are so bad?!

10 October at 17:51 - by TJSHall

Not saying they are, but prefer to have something I can control

11 October at 11:14 - by  supervesting

I own one in Bangor…brilliant.  Cost me next to nothing to buy and the yeild is unprecidented.

13 October at 20:50 - by knkl74512

Ok point taken…

16 October at 10:17 - by TJSHall
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