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Investing in hotel rooms

  • 03 October at 10:29 - by Michael.H - 1235 views


I am thinking of investing in a hotel room.  I have various options from £50K in Wales to £250k in London.  Is it a good place to put my money based on the long term 125% yeald and the 10% annual return.

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I think your question almost answers you:  it depends where you invest because hotel room investments stand and fall by the revenue of the hotel.  It's a great passive investment don't get me wrong I;m not knocking you at all, it just depends how much you have to invest and indeed how much you can write off because to cash out early would negate the whole thing

04 October at 18:10 - by LizinKLx

agreed.  I have several because I wanted a good UK investment and didn't want to put all my eggs in one basket financially so I bought in several differnet locations.  interestingly the ones in the North are doing better than the South West!

05 October at 14:43 - by mollettss


06 October at 04:07 - by  Michael.H

it's a really interesting topic.  If you have a chunk of money that you don't have to finance and you want to put it somewhere you could do a lot worse

06 October at 11:45 - by WendymCl

my advice would be to buy 2 small ones to start off instead of one big one and see how you go.

08 October at 10:24 - by mollettss

the only thing is that they haven't been around long enough to see the end result if you know what I mean but theres nothing wrong iwtht a passive investment

08 October at 12:36 - by LizinKLx

I just wanted to comment again on this because I had been thinking about doing this but when I looked into it again one company who was doing it in the South has been sent to prison for fraud so please everyone be careful.

13 January at 10:51 - by LizinKLx

gosh aren't we judgemental!  I think it's a great idea and have several friends who have invested.  Just because one company has been convicted of fraud, does that mean that the whole indusrty is fraudulent?  No!  I am sorry but it really riles me up when people throw a blanket judgement like this

28 January at 16:48 - by neptune675

pardon me!  I am simply sharing information with other interested, clearly interested parties as we have been discussing the merits of this subject previously!  I am sorry if this upsets you.  

09 February at 02:53 - by LizinKLx

Thank you for the warning as I have just looked into it.  It seems to me especially with the investment around the £50k mark, that there are a lot of companies out there trying to take your money!

05 July at 20:11 - by Ronnie.S

OF COURSE there are it is called commerce!  Honestly the mollycoddling in this country is compltely out of hand!

10 September at 01:34 - by neptune675
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