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Hotel Property in Spain with Global Great Hotels:

  • 01 March at 07:00 - by Cliffor.H - 804 views


I want to know if anyone has any advice for me about purchasing hotel property in Spain with global great hotels? I really want to get a place there, and I am minded to get in before anything happens regards Brexit.  indecision

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I love this "Brexit Scaremongering" we've had here in the UK since it all started. It's totally ridiculous. Nothing will change and in fact, after a bit of a slump, were actually going to be better off. If you fancy a porperty in Spain then go for it when you can afford it!  

01 March at 09:46 - by GaiL.N

I don't completely agree, as none of us know what the situation is going to be, but I would say this:  there is one constant.  The sky is not going to fall in, and people will still go on holiday.

01 March at 16:23 - by AaronDavis

Yes, but there is the school of thought that it will be more difficult and more expensive to fly abrooad, so people will be holdaying at home more.

02 March at 21:37 - by Kian.parker

There is that school of thought.  And yes, we've had a great Summer here, but let's face it, the weather is the major factor that people go abroad for their holidays in the first place.  Brexit or no Brexit, our weather doesn't change.  It's still rubbish.  People will continue to holiday abroad.  Fact.

03 March at 13:22 - by AaronDavis

You presumably have a crystal ball?

04 March at 02:20 - by Kian.parker

Nope, just a bit of common sense.  We are all together in this nightmare, and it's not going to change, and neither is the fact that Brits will still go abroad, especially to places like Spain, which in all fairness rely on tourism, and to keep people coming they will make sure to keep their prices equally as attractive.  It's not magic, it's just pure common sense and business.

04 March at 15:15 - by AaronDavis

Wow.  I hadn't thought of it like that.  Thanks
Anyway…has anybody heard of Global Great Hotels? 

04 March at 19:44 - by  Cliffor.H

Are they a timeshare company?  

05 March at 21:54 - by GaiL.N

no it's a huge travel company and investments at the same time.

08 March at 21:36 - by  Cliffor.H

My neighbours have just bought an investment with global great , they were over last week telling me all about it conincidentally!  It sounds right if you want to buy over there, cause I dont know how it works but you rent your weeks out and get an income and also you have hols too.  They were telling me all about the properties in spain sound lovely.

12 March at 02:21 - by Kian.parker

Does anybody know how it works?

12 March at 15:21 - by AaronDavis

I think you invest some money and then you have an income and you have holidays as well (at least that's what I gathered from their website)

12 March at 17:33 - by bestinvestment

Cool! So Kian.parker it works for them?

12 March at 20:45 - by  Cliffor.H

yes they go there loads. Travel about 4/5 times a year and I have to feed their bloody cat in the meantime… (Just joking, lucky buggers).

14 March at 15:40 - by Kian.parker

Cheers, really helpful, I had heard good things about it but just wanted other opinions

14 March at 16:27 - by  Cliffor.H

Pretty cool yes

15 March at 23:21 - by GaiL.N

Weve just joined too any advice?

08 April at 14:36 - by Ann..B

Yup, do it, we are in our second year and haven't looked back

08 April at 20:26 - by Rachel.Brown

but its timeshare tho bin reading the comments arnt we supposed to stay away from timeshare it scaares me 

09 April at 01:13 - by kerih

but it you read the comments you'll see that it is a holiday company and travel agent with investment so we have lots of holidays plus the buy to let investment

11 April at 16:16 - by Rachel.Brown

so its not timeshare

14 April at 06:07 - by kerih

no not.  So you've been getting what you signed up for?

15 April at 04:34 - by Ann..B

very much so I can't recommend more.

15 April at 18:18 - by Rachel.Brown
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