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Global Great Hotels Cala Pi

  • 15 September at 10:16 - by englandW1 - 2328 views


I recently visited Majorca with my husband.  We stayed at the Cala Pi Club and joined their investment programme with Global Great Hotels.  Does anyone have any experience with them?

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is it timeshare?

15 September at 12:01 - by dewy55

no, it's like a buy to let, you get an income from your investment and holidays as well.

15 September at 12:27 - by  englandW1

dunno sorry

16 September at 00:18 - by dewy55

Been a member since 2010 and holiday with them 2 or 3 times a year. We also get an annual income from the rental.  

We were in the market for a buy to let and were thinking about buying in Majorca anyway.  It was so expensive and daunting to buy on our own, not being fluent in Spanish and we were worried about being ripped off, so it made sense for us to invest, and I am not joking we haven't looked back. They’re efficient and reliable.

17 September at 08:09 - by Jayesh.B

Majorca's expensive

17 September at 11:43 - by Grahamwilton

they were really nice and we felt happy to invest but it’s new to us and I was just wondering if anyone else had any experience. I feel reassured

17 September at 12:06 - by  englandW1

a managed investment is usually a wise choice especially when your bying abroad and not going to be out there all the time

17 September at 12:58 - by Grahamwilton

yes I agree

17 September at 15:32 - by dewy55

we were skeptical at first but we have used the hell out of it.

18 September at 09:00 - by Jayesh.B

there will always be negatives to every positive but looks like a good idea.  Have googled them and there are lots of articles about them on various investment websites seem a serious company.

19 September at 07:20 - by Grahamwilton


19 September at 08:00 - by dewy55

I didn’t even know about all these articles. We hadn’t googled them for a while. Yes they’re really good and I even recommend to have 3 periods as this is when you really start to get the most of it.

20 September at 14:32 - by Jayesh.B

why is that?

20 September at 16:54 - by  englandW1

first because the income is higher and second because you get extra benefits, the main one being that we have unlimited free holidays in the hotels

20 September at 21:07 - by Jayesh.B

really? I wonder why they didn’t offer us that option.

20 September at 21:23 - by  englandW1

obviously upon availability but we always book months in advance and there is normally no problem. Last year we were in Marbella all May and then spent all September in Majorca

21 September at 10:39 - by Jayesh.B

Nice place Marbella, I love it

21 September at 10:56 - by Grahamwilton

It will be our next destination :)

21 September at 11:05 - by  englandW1

Costa del sol is nice, costa blanca is also lovely and more affordable

02 January at 20:49 - by castleyek

we want to know how this works as we was their last summer and we really liked the place nice and queit with no one bothering you and didn’t seem to get to busy like

17 January at 17:40 - by charlesthecarls

we were there too last year looks nice thought about going in but didn't have time

18 January at 08:04 - by Calvin-Mye

guyyyyys this just came up in my emails why didn't you go in?  They are so nice, they would have told you all about it!

19 January at 17:12 - by Jayesh.B

its timeshare tho mate innit?

20 January at 18:21 - by charlesthecarls

no way, real estate periods.  Google it.  Super good - great way to holiday and get a return

21 January at 21:02 - by Jayesh.B

look what just pinged into my emails too!  Guess what @JayeshB we joined!  Did a load of research as you do, but we did.  Really pleased so far.

22 January at 15:34 - by Grahamwilton

at the risk of sounding a bit ignorant, I don’t' really understand how it works

24 January at 04:06 - by Calvin-Mye

nah am skeptical me

25 January at 03:35 - by charlesthecarls

have a clikc on the article in this thread it'll help explain and also I just found a new article "How the Hell Does It Work?" that'll explain a lot

25 January at 09:50 - by Grahamwilton

alright mate cheers for that

02 February at 13:38 - by charlesthecarls

yes thank you let me have a read

03 February at 19:20 - by Calvin-Mye

No its timehsare hun don’t go near it

04 February at 20:24 - by MichiganMan

it looks like it but many things seem to b different tho

05 February at 06:49 - by rockette

that's exactly what we thought but when we looked into it, it's completely different and the level of service you get is amazing, nothing to do with ts

06 February at 18:53 - by  englandW1

This Cala Pi hotel is getting really trendy I saw lots of influencers there last summer on their instagram stories I have my goggle alerts set to buy to let opportuniities so am interested as I think if cala pi is becoming a trendy place it’s a good place to have a buy to let

08 February at 05:22 - by oakley2013

how do you know its buy to let

08 February at 13:15 - by MichiganMan

I googled it no biggie

08 February at 20:33 - by oakley2013

avoid avoid or ask people who use it

13 February at 12:38 - by MichiganMan

ignorance breeds contempt I fear, in this case

13 February at 16:40 - by oakley2013

LOL!! We ARE users! laugh

13 February at 19:17 - by  englandW1

hahaha perennial detractors lol laughlaughlaugh

17 February at 13:33 - by Jayesh.B

Hi everyone, this thread has come up on my search for Cala Pi, as we were cheering ourselves up looking atimages of our favourite place in the World on the internet, I see that people have invested in some sort of managed buy to let there?  I have googled it but I wanted to know a bit more from the horse's mouth so to speak- no offence!laugh

08 May at 02:59 - by Jumpingbear

None taken!  It's your fav place?  Ours too it sold itself

10 May at 10:06 - by Jayesh.B

are you not worried about having money invested in Spain at this time?

12 May at 07:36 - by Mick_Taylor

excuse my ability to point out the blindingly obvious, but isn't everyone in the same boat?  I mean, wherever you have money invested, it makes no odds.  We have to just adhere to the lockdown rules and the sooner we'll start to emerge.  The thing as I see it is this, yes it might be harder in the short term to go away, but are you seriously thinking that no one will ever go abroad again?  I mean, just look at the comments above!  it's our favourite place of course people will go back.  Sorry, got on my soap box a bit t there but i feel strongly that normal service will resume becasue of the will of the people.

17 May at 09:54 - by Grahamwilton

or the fact that you are justifying your investment

21 May at 11:06 - by Mick_Taylor

not really, it's like having a buy to let in England, I mean, a friend of mine's tenant can't afford the rent, but thanks to new legislation, you can't chuck them out for 3 months and my friend has to pay their mortgage, so my point is, it's a worldwide problem

30 May at 02:44 - by Jayesh.B

People will still want to holiday and if they have the money available they will always go for a good investment is my opinion and this looks like a good option to me.

30 May at 09:11 - by Jumpingbear

we are very happy!

02 June at 10:16 - by Grahamwilton
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