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  • 15 October at 17:24 - by candycarrots - 1339 views


I am thinking of investing in a franchise for my new business venture.  £8k to buy in and they give you all the marketing material, ongoing training etc.  Any experience on here?

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I have been a franchisee for many years.  We bought into a company back in 2004. Its actually a dog kennels and walking company.  We have never looked back because they have supported us all the way. We are by no means millionaires but we do have a small business which is more than rewarding to run.  I recommend, depending on the business you are looking at.

16 October at 15:17 - by alanwesten

I agree, it depends what it is.  I think restaurants you have to avoid but my friend has just started a baby massage business and she has done really well so far

16 October at 18:02 - by ardeebee

my friend has done the same and they are really supportive of her,  and she has lots of friends on social media so she has had a great start

17 October at 00:41 - by edwardLever

I invested in a franchise for parties but it was so much hard work as I still have a full time job that I gave it up and lost all my money

18 October at 09:22 - by Josh-1Carlson

yer but that's your fault though you can't turn round and say that it's a bad idea.  you get out what you put in

18 October at 23:58 - by neptune675

there are a lot out there, so make sure you make the right choice

19 October at 00:09 - by alanwesten

thanks all

22 October at 12:39 - by  candycarrots
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