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Commercial Property Investment

  • 04 November at 02:15 - by Belfast_investor - 1507 views


I would like to invest in commercial property because it is apparently a very good prospect.  I am thinking high street.

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I own a row of shops in South London.  However I was left them in my Grandfather’s will and I tell you what there is no way I could afford to buy them now!  But I won’t sell them either as the massive up-side is that you have long leases and the tenants want to be there for there own good as it’s there business so you are pretty much guaranteed the income plus you have the real estate

04 November at 23:46 - by kerih

THat scares the living daylights out of me!  High street are you bonkers???? I get that South London the high street is still strong but surely not anywher else I get that you want to invest in commercial property and the arguments are sound but high street??  It’s disappearing so fast you could be left with empty units and no one to fill them!!

05 November at 17:52 - by arthur.3

Exactly, i am lucky with locaation and also like I said, I couldn’t have afforded to buy the real estate at today’s prices…

05 November at 21:04 - by kerih

What I was looking at was the longer leases aspect and the stability of it.

06 November at 14:32 - by  Belfast_investor

Would you not look at residential property?  I have had my tenants for over 10 you could always get a letting agency?  They have all these options nowadays for guaranteeing rents etc...have a look.

07 November at 00:45 - by username4

Ok thanks i will

09 November at 14:14 - by  Belfast_investor

Don’t mean to put you off like where are you looking?  My advice would be stick with an area you know and also I would say that the high street isn’t dying like its just changing so look at what survives or is needed like estate agents etc and maybe do up your own premesis?

09 November at 19:00 - by kerih

Thanks that’s actually really true.  I was looking at a plot down the road from where I work so yes that rings really true.

10 November at 09:21 - by  Belfast_investor
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