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Car Parking Spaces

  • 02 November at 10:19 - by MartinSW - 3298 views


I’m actually quite excited:  I have been offered the chance to invest £25k for parking spaces within 1 mile of Glasgow Airport getting 11% annual return upfront for the first 2 years then 11% guaranteed for the 3rd year, then 125% buy back in year 10.  Am I crazy not to do it?!

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Yes,  do it

02 November at 10:53 - by TJSHall

Too good to be true

03 November at 14:31 - by SueH

Ahhhh don’t burst my bubble!!!

04 November at 12:00 - by  MartinSW

Bite their hands off

04 November at 15:14 - by janeuk-1971

Be careful and look into the company thoroughly they are big claims

05 November at 07:02 - by SueH

I am Googling this now looks great £25k min £5,500 back

05 November at 07:17 - by TJSHall

Not that good in the long term as you have to wait 10 years to get 125% and they dont guarantee the 11% after year 3?

06 November at 00:04 - by SueH

Better than the banks and ISAs tho.

07 November at 06:30 - by  MartinSW


07 November at 09:27 - by SueH
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