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Can a full property be converted into real estates periods?

  • 23 March at 16:34 - by jonathan_wilson - 3454 views


I´ve heard quite recently about real estate periods. Even though I have partial knowledge on the subject, it seems that it brings much more advantages and benefits than a full property. I bought a house in Marbella some months ago and I have to admit that if you want to rent it on your own on a weekly basis, it is very complicated… and I don´t find the local estate agencies are neither helpful nor effective. None of them so far has been able to tell me if this system can be applicable to an individual property owner.


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Honestly from what I´ve heard about this system, only large hotel groups can promote it. It's quite logical, I don’t think you can convert your property. You would probably need special licences or authorisation.

25 March at 10:07 - by asrielinvestor

Hope I understood correctly your question. I bought real estate periods back in 2009. You are right “Asrielinvestor”, only tourist industry can offer this specific system as their buildings are legally registered to promote real estate periods. Bear in mind that these corporations (the one I bought from is located in Spain) provide many different options: not only going to the hotels and travelling the world but also providing rental services with benefits, exchanges of property, connection between investors, e-tourism development, etc.

25 March at 14:48 - by rick.gard

That’s what I thought but was not too sure…

26 March at 18:52 - by  jonathan_wilson

Well, quite interesting to read your answer Rick.gard, I purchased real estate periods a bit less than a year ago with a company called Global Great hotels.

I´m really happy to enjoy the travel services that prove to be effective. I will only get the chance to rent out my periods from next year. It´s really encouraging :)

28 March at 12:47 - by Rachel.Brown

Tourism industry seems to be one of the top 5 for investments.  This option seems interesting. I´m also trying to get some information about startups based on Applied Technologies related to tourism.

29 March at 15:02 - by TJm0m0306

Yes, Global Great hotels, we also bought with them. I recommend them if you want to invest in real estate periods, they’re actually very good, we purchased 3 times and all good. It’s even more interesting when you own min 3 periods as renting out and holidaying for free at the same time is possible

30 March at 12:04 - by rick.gard

Real Estate periods system started more than 15 years ago. Interesting enough to have a reliable opinion on the value of the investment. Return on investment of a start-up can be huge but sometimes very long and totally uncertain

30 March at 17:31 - by katie.jrobert

It can’t be compared, running a start-up or any kind of business is an active investment and real estate periods are not. And I suppose having a start-up doesn’t include holidays :)

I may have a look at this global great hotels

30 March at 21:08 - by asrielinvestor

I meant investing in a start-up, not running it but I suppose you’re correct, it can’t be compared

30 March at 21:48 - by katie.jrobert

2 different kinds of investments, you can make much more money with private equity but you can also lose everything. Real estate can’t give you the same return but is much safer. Real estate periods is even different as it also includes services and holidays

01 April at 11:01 - by rick.gard

Ok so I guess I’ll have to sell my house now :))

01 April at 11:21 - by  jonathan_wilson

I have been reading this thread with interest…did you sell your house in Marbella and get into real estate periods in the end?

28 July at 16:49 - by RojBlake64

no I havent yet as to be honest I was pretty happy with mysself for buying it and its really nice.  I have since spoken to some British letting agents out in Spain and they have actually been pretty helpful.  I have also advertised it on social media which has proved exceptionally profitable much more than I realised as people seem really happy to book holidays through it.

28 July at 23:41 - by  jonathan_wilson

That's really interesting

29 July at 14:02 - by RojBlake64

yes so I have stuck with my property although I am still interested in real estate periods for my next investment

30 July at 12:12 - by  jonathan_wilson

You should both look at Global Great as I said before, as we have owner real estate periods with them since 2009 and have got our rental again this year as well as going on holiday. They are kind a of happy medium between investment income and holidays if that's what your looking for.

01 August at 15:02 - by rick.gard

I have just googled them they do look interesting.  I am looking for investment rahter than holdiays to be honest but they are certainly worth a thought

02 August at 06:43 - by RojBlake64
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