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Advice about Spanish property

  • 10 September at 04:02 - by TJm0m0306 - 3228 views


Spanish property is the best investment - I recently read that Spain is the most popular place to invest, despite of Brexit.  Does anyone have any advice for me?

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I saw that too, it's overtaken the US for most popular place to buy property.  I think you just need to Google it, there are hundreds of agents out there.

12 September at 08:19 - by TraceyW

no this is why I am asking on this forum and it's an investment forum and I wanted peoples' advice on what I should do and how I should do it.

13 September at 02:54 - by  TJm0m0306


13 September at 08:00 - by TraceyW

Be really careful coz we was looking but the agent took like 50% fee so we decided not to

13 September at 17:05 - by BillyHelston

you can get amazing bargains too look at mainland Spain in the middle region near Alicante you can get apartments for next to nothing

14 September at 21:32 - by alanphinvst

yes but what do you want from it?  because if you bought near Alicante there all loads for really cheap so your resale wouldn't be gd if your looking for a holiday home then you have to remember about flights

16 September at 00:14 - by austin.wright

I am looking to possibly rent it out

16 September at 04:44 - by  TJm0m0306

can I suggest you have a look at another chat on this forum because in my humble opinion, Majorca is the place to look at.  It is more expensive but you will reap the benefits in rentals.

17 September at 19:26 - by edwardLever
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