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What type of precious stone should I invest in?

  • 28 March at 06:31 - by jordansbulls - 2960 views


I would like to collect some precious stones with the aim of selling them in the future. However, whenever I look for some information on the internet, nobody has the right answer. There are so many factors to be considered before making an investment that I am kind of lost.

What type of stone would you recommend that I invest in? Gold? Perhaps diamonds? I need something which increases its value with the pass of the time.

Awaiting your replies. Thank you. 

Jordan B

5 Answers

Investing in precious stones of good quality, acquired at reasonable prices, will give us a long-term safe return. Although diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires are the most common precious stones to invest in, there are some rare gems whose revenue is higher than in the case of those four stars of the world of gems. The only problem I see as an investor is that the bigger and more beautiful our collection gets, the more painful it will be to get rid of it.

30 March at 20:26 - by Tyler-Jones53

If we talk about investing, the diamond market is currently a "safe" market. I mean, in extreme situations, they have always been resold easily. I would choose brilliant cut diamonds from the classic carat media standards of 0.50 ct., Three quarters of carat 0.75 ct. , carat 1.00 ct. , carat and half 1.50 ct. , etc. with HRD and GIA certificates fundamentally, because they are more appreciated and demanded.

09 April at 10:42 - by susansmith40

If you want to invest sensibly in gemstones, there are some basic tips you need to know. First, there are various kinds of precious gemstones. Gemstones are treasured based on their different features. We strongly suggest all purchases be certified by a gemologist from an approved gem testing laboratory. If you have gold bars or coins, you can exchange your gold to money almost anywhere.

On the other hand, gemstones are quite similar to the real estate - they might not be as easy to trade them as one would expect. Normally, the buyer you’ll come across will probably be an investor who is only willing to pay a low cost.

24 April at 12:30 - by scott92poole

First of all you need to have some knowledge about precious stones before investing in them. Otherwise, you can end up buying fake or low-quality stones. My advice is that the precious stones you buy should be stored in a safe place to avoid being stolen. Besides, there is a risk of breaking the stone when polishing or cutting it.

30 April at 18:56 - by AaronDavis

In my opinion, it is always advisable to invest in gold or diamonds as it is easier to find buyers.

12 May at 09:34 - by xarliewillson
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