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Art - Investment

  • 20 July at 03:28 - by Daniel-Brown - 904 views


What do you think about investing in Art?

13 Answers

You should buy Art if you like looking at it, but not to make money in my opinion.

22 July at 14:30 - by Investglexu

In general, for most people, no. It depends on how you look at it - some people may think getting sculptures or art is a waste of money. It is much better to buy art to enjoy.  As an investment, art is highly speculative and dependent on predicting future changes in the taste of the public. There are art investors, of course, and even some art investment funds, but it's not for the faint-hearted

23 July at 00:08 - by Irene_M

Well, the great art collections are founded on two things:  knowledge and passion - usually for some very specific kind of art - which translates into developing what is called a "great eye" and then is coupled with lots and lots of knowledge. Oddly, these folks are not usually purchasing their art for investment. They almost always buy for love - yet they are the people who end up winning the most in that arena.

23 July at 08:44 - by Mark_elliott

Art is not a quick return scheme. So yes, if you are thinking of investing in art, you need to have a long-time view. Having said that, returns depend on the multiple factors such as artist you bought, period of the work, Quality of that work itself, price you bought it at and so on.

When it comes to investing in art, you could either buy upcoming artists and wait to see how they grow. This is normally better since the investments are low and you could diversify your portfolio.

24 July at 10:36 - by mr.helpful

It could be, it could be not. If you think you can buy little known artists and all you need is to wait until they become famous, you could be deeply wrong. They may never become famous!

Mark_elliott is right, You should have an eye for good pieces. So it depends. I'd built diverse collection ranging from old masters, to modern and contemporary. Also i'd invested in new names. I'd been actively buying and selling through the years. Consult with few art advisors. not only one. Learn art history. It is same risks as stock market BUT here is less REGULATIONS. So. play it if you want.

26 July at 06:11 - by grahamh

I don’t know anything about art…. I think investing in art is only for the rich.

28 July at 02:24 - by  Daniel-Brown

Whether you want to buy into a fund, start your own collection, or just purchase a few pieces to decorate your home, the best thing you can do is educate yourself. If you have an investment time horizon of 10 years or more, the wonderful and profitable world of art may be right for you…

28 July at 12:31 - by Mark_elliott

You can start with a print, although is a copy, it is still considered a work of art and can have value. Prints are a way for new investors with limited funds to begin their collections.

29 July at 22:50 - by grahamh

Well, not all the time, some prints appreciate in value, but some do not.

30 July at 00:18 - by nigelblue.1

Hi, Nigelblue.1, many dealers classify some prints as “museum quality” and even give you a certificate of authenticity. However, it’s important to note that it’s still just a copy.

01 August at 12:49 - by 370lizZ

You can start looking for an art fair, a fair can be a good place for the novice to develop an eye for art. There is something for everyone, no matter their level of expertise.

01 August at 14:27 - by grahamh

Art is not a liquid asset compared to other forms of investing and selling art, takes a bit of time, effort, and planning if you want to get the best price for your piece.

04 August at 09:13 - by 370lizZ

Thanks a lot for your opinions, I’ll have to make a few research then before to start!

05 August at 10:32 - by  Daniel-Brown
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