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Wine - investment

  • 23 July at 13:37 - by brandon6210 - 820 views


Is wine a solid investment?

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I think before you make any investment whether it be in wine or stocks, it’s important to do research and find out more about the industry. Wine investing is a very specific type of investment or otherwise known as an alternative investment. Also know that there are only select fine wines which are considered investment grade. Not all investment quality fine wine go up in value, so beware!

23 July at 16:06 - by MichiganMan

It is only profitable if you really know what you are doing. And if that was the case you wouldn't need to ask this question! So don’t.

25 July at 13:47 - by jordansbulls

Wine's not a solid investment, personally I prefer to drink it!

27 July at 08:29 - by dave-thompson-58

If you are a risk taker, wine can be an investment (I won't say good or bad. You might get a return.) If you are a conservative investor, wine is too risky.

28 July at 18:51 - by tyler961

Agree with Dave-thompson-58. We must mention an important point: you need to not drink it, and what's the point of buying wine if you can't crack a bottle and enjoy it occasionally?

You can buy wine and watch it go up in price, sure. But you're probably better off sticking the money in stocks and blowing your dividend cheque on a nice bottle each year.


29 July at 04:40 - by jordansbulls

I want to diversify my investments so I’m gonna try both: invest & drink! Thanks guys :)

31 July at 11:01 - by  brandon6210
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