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Wine and Champagne?

  • 10 October at 18:04 - by sjpmkp - 1232 views


Should I invest in champagne or fine wines or neither?  My friend has had a bottle of Dom Perignon 2002 given to him.  I Googled it out of interest and it turns out its really valuable.  So I looked into it but I have no experience. Help please?

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I have been investing in fine wines for many years.  I hold several cases of Burgundy in a serviced warehouse.  They are not an annual percentage yealding asset but they due accrue in value and having sold several cases at a huge profit.  It has to be a long term thing and I am not sure of the sustainability of Champagne due to its nature.

11 October at 14:30 - by RRPH

champers is getting more and more popular amoung the youth culture so why not

11 October at 16:00 - by username4

but it won't give you any annual income

12 October at 07:53 - by briantopher

there are many benefits but you have to know the right broker.  I would shop around and definitely use someone with French connections

13 October at 00:25 - by jacobjake68

it's outperforming the older fashioned wines

13 October at 00:46 - by username4

I would be careful.  How do you store it?

13 October at 08:33 - by briantopher

there are companies who store it for you in a special warehouse

14 October at 03:21 - by RRPH

sounds iffy.  What if something happens and it's stolen or something?

14 October at 11:38 - by briantopher

I do believe they have insurance or at least I should hope!

15 October at 13:11 - by RRPH

it is a good long term investment in my opinion.

15 October at 13:14 - by RRPH
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