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  • 06 October at 17:00 - by Scott-HW - 4005 views


I have heard that fine Whisky is a good investment.  I am looking for a small-time investment and the entry level is £5000.  I am looking at a 15% return, and selling after 5 years making a 132% profit.  Does this sound too good to be true to anyone?

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its an interesting topic I was thinking of doeing the same as the tax benefits are good

07 October at 15:11 - by Jaynem

is it non-taxable?

07 October at 18:07 - by edwardt

it is classed as tax free

07 October at 21:32 - by Jaynem

you sure I would double check it mate if I was you

08 October at 08:26 - by edwardt

this is why it sounded a bit too good to be true

08 October at 13:03 - by  Scott-HW

it would depend on which brands you bought.  Is that done for you in a sort of hands off fashion and you just invest the money and they buy the brands then you wait 5 years for them to go up in value?  are they already vintage? how can you be sure they are going to go up?

10 October at 14:00 - by briantopher

if you Google vintage Whiskys they do go up like I just Googled them and they do so I would say yes especially as you can go in at a low risk level as you should only invest really what you can afford to lose.  Go for it.

10 October at 14:54 - by Jaynem

thank you and I like whisky so it makes sense lol

12 October at 09:02 - by  Scott-HW
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