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Vintage stamps

  • 25 October at 00:02 - by alan.b - 1558 views


I am a self-confessed nerd.  I am interested in vintage stamps, and I have read that they could be a great investment.  Please does anyone have anything to share?

6 Answers

all I know is that yes it is very niche, but it has been going for many years, so there must be something in it.

25 October at 23:59 - by stephensweetDis

that's what I thought, and the internet gets so overwhelming sometimes, that I thought I wld just ask.

26 October at 19:24 - by  alan.b

fair enough buddy.

28 October at 11:14 - by stephensweetDis

I think it's more of a hobby...unless you get some really really rare like 1800s stamps which are worth a fortune, then it's not like you're going to earn loads, more of a "love of the job" type thing

29 October at 12:51 - by bertram-K

I read that you're looking at roughly 5.4% gain over 3 not actually that bad...but it's something you defo have to be into.  So if you are, then it sounds perfect for you!

29 October at 19:07 - by 717shawb

I would research the right people to go to, and if you are already into stamps then you should already know who to speak to.  The investment sounds as boring as the hobby (no offence lol) but it's steady eddies who win in the end so why not!

31 October at 14:37 - by bertram-K
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