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  • 21 November at 13:53 - by John.R - 4473 views


Online gaming I have read is a great investment right now?  With the likes of Grand Theft Auto and Candy Crush generating £Billions is anyone involved?

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I don’t know how old you are but have you even heard of Sincler, Amstrad and Atari?!

23 November at 21:51 - by supervesting

Erm equally I don’t know how old you are, but i think we have moved on slightly!!

24 November at 09:13 - by  John.R

I had nearly spat my tea out lol Amstrad?!  That was millions of years ago! Seriously. Online gaming is an excellent investment and there are some fab private companies out there to invest in such as Frontier Developments which is UK-based and developing a new Jurassic World franchise game.  It’s also got Tencent involved (Chinese internet) so you’re as safe as you can be in this game (lol).

24 November at 20:35 - by Clare_G

That’s really useful, thanks.

25 November at 00:04 - by  John.R

Rockstar is another one as they are the developers of Grand Theft Auto.  

25 November at 12:09 - by Clare_G

The gaming industry is rising by 10.7% annually, and 14% in Chinese markets, so I would say you were pretty much onto a winner, this is what I like about these forums as I would never have considered this, mate, but I have just done a quick Google search and you have sold me!

26 November at 05:43 - by executive2018

Thanks man

28 November at 01:10 - by  John.R

And it’s backed up becasue of course the film industry jumps on the bandwagon:  Lara Croft, Angry Birds etc etc

28 November at 05:34 - by executive2018

Of course! Angry Birds was a game, then a film, then it was even the toy in MacDonalds Happy Meals!

29 November at 09:25 - by  John.R


01 Dicember at 20:05 - by executive2018
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