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Legal Marijuana

  • 25 July at 20:13 - by patevergreen99 - 866 views


I have seen a lot of write ups lately about the new legal marijuana boom and although it looks very interesting I am still not sure if it’s totally legal.

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Of course its legal that’s why it’s called legal marijuana!

27 July at 14:35 - by LeroyHBN

Sorry to sound so naive but not knowing anything about it at all it’s all as clear as mud to me but I guess you must be right its legal so no reason not to invest in it if its right for you.

30 July at 06:03 - by  patevergreen99

I think this is something that has been on the cards for a long time and especially now since new laws have been passed very recently to allow marijuana to be prescribed by doctors. I know some people will still think it absurd but if you check out the latest reports in terms of investment it says that you can obtain a return of 50$ for every 1$ invested so it’s not something to be ignored!

31 July at 11:48 - by LeroyHBN

Wow that’s a massive return! And as you say it won’t do any harm to look into it. Thanks for your help.

02 August at 09:52 - by  patevergreen99

I’ve been reading up on this a lot lately and the general sense of opinion is that one of the best companies to invest in is Royal Gold so have a look at them.

03 August at 13:00 - by andrew32johns

Yes I have heard about Royal Gold too and would guess that it’s a great chance to get in right at the early stages.

06 August at 15:42 - by LeroyHBN

It doesn’t necessarily mean that because it’s been legalised that it’s now a good bet as an investment! I have seen a lot of comments that say because it’s only just beginning to develop most stocks that you can buy are not earning a penny so I would be very careful.

08 August at 00:19 - by brandon6210

Again thanks for the information. It seems that I will need to do a bit more research before I go any further.

08 August at 00:34 - by  patevergreen99

This is a particularly interesting thing to me any more info anyone?

19 August at 17:51 - by karen916

Especially as this a mulit-billion if not trillion dollar industry now!

21 August at 04:27 - by Karl46

Exactly!  I would love to get into it but I just don't know how!

22 August at 12:23 - by karen916

I think to be completely legit and not have any come back, you need to look at doing it in countries where it is legal.  California for example, or Canada or Holland…There as so many grey areas with it still.  In Spain you are allowed up to a certain amount, but certainly not in an investor way...But the indusrty, especially where they have legalised it in America, is massive.

22 August at 21:40 - by Karl46

Hey guys, interesting chat yes it is such a grey area depending on where you live…

24 August at 05:22 - by LeroyHBN

I know right…in the UK it is getting blurry because you can even go into Holland & Barrett and buy CBD oil!

24 August at 18:29 - by karen916

Did you know the history?  Basically hemp was subject to a massive smear campaign by the government at the time in favour of industry…and it has gone on since then.

28 August at 03:53 - by LeroyHBN

Exactly right, and now there is all sorts of medical evidence in favour of certainly the benefits of CBD especially on patients with seizures etc they have even used it on dogs and have cured them of their various afflictions I saw a TV programme on it

28 August at 14:30 - by Karl46

But I want to know how I can invest in it though?

29 August at 07:39 - by karen916

You need to look at the USA markets and be careful.

01 September at 06:18 - by LeroyHBN
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