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  • 21 October at 17:59 - by JeffW2116 - 1372 views


So I found this really weird investment on the internet:  lean hogs. Does anyone know anything about them? I got a bit confused if I'm honest, but the return actually looks good and it's a well-established market, apparently.

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yes, they have been trading in lean hogs for many years in the US and here.  It is well-known amongst investors and seen as one of the best assets you can trade.

22 October at 00:21 - by Ronnie.S

sorry for my ignorance:  you mean buying and selling pigs?

23 October at 20:14 - by Michael.H

actually, you don't actually trade on the pigs themselves, rather the contracts on the carcasses.

23 October at 20:43 - by Ronnie.S


24 October at 00:03 - by Michael.H

it's about the meat supply rather than the piggies themselves!  Otherwise you would have to go to the farm and buy a pig lol.

24 October at 00:17 - by Ronnie.S

it's about the American market.  Not UK.

26 October at 11:13 - by Mike.W

I think it might be a biy extreme for me.

27 October at 14:44 - by  JeffW2116

not really, as it doesn't matter where you are in the World.  Lean hogs are an excellent investment. It's completely hands off as it were.  Have a go!

27 October at 17:58 - by Ronnie.S
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