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Is it a good idea to invest in cars?

  • 19 July at 18:34 - by Kungfumassive - 744 views


Is it a good idea to invest in cars?

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the reality of car collecting is that for every investor who cashes in big there are hundreds who lose far more money than they make, so be careful!

20 July at 06:50 - by DonaldMg

ALWAYS get a thorough pre-purchase inspection (performed by an expert) before buying any vehicle, especially if you’re buying for investment purposes, I recommend.

21 July at 10:12 - by LeroyHBN

Ultimately I put a good $15,000 into the GTX, meaning I only made $5,000. Now ask your accountant “Is a $5,000 return on a $19,000 expenditure, over 24 years, a good investment? Time is money. Making a “profit” on a collectible car is relative to the time and money you spend.

22 July at 01:04 - by benjamin-wood

Investing in cars is a long-term game, and a game where research is king, let’s think about it before…

22 July at 06:42 - by DonaldMg

I would say a Heritage Green NA MX-5 (the ones with the speakers in the headrests) with under 50,000km on it would be a cracking investment and my choice.

22 July at 12:37 - by benjamin-wood

The biggest mistake you can make is to not buy the very best your budget will allow, adding that there’s no excuse not to do your homework before buying. Documentation is a necessity nowadays, good paperwork adds huge value to the car.

23 July at 05:33 - by andrew32johns

If you're bent on buying old cars, get as many as you can afford. Classic vehicles are like tiny tech companies: it’s very difficult to tell which ones are going to take off. Just don’t forget about the management fees

23 July at 14:17 - by alexpho

many thanks for all this recommendation, I know a bit more now, thanks a lot guys.

25 July at 00:20 - by  Kungfumassive

Hey check this other thread :

27 July at 05:38 - by Josh-1Carlson
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