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Is a Hermes Birkin bag a good investment?

  • 13 July at 11:00 - by CheriThomas - 827 views


I just got one and sincerely i dont like it but i heard that it was a good investment : can someone give me his opinion?

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first of all you have to know that to ensure your luxury handbag retains its lustre and value over the years, you need to treat it with care. Ideally – from an investment perspective – you would be able to keep the bag in a temperature-controlled environment away from sunlight, stuffed with tissues, treated with leather milk, and protected with a dust cover to maintain its fresh-out-of-the-boutique appearance until you’re ready to resell.

Patience is a virtue when you are investing in luxury handbags, as the typical waiting period between purchasing and reselling is a few years – at least. Like most investments, it’s about biding your time and reading the market – in this case, keeping an eye on the market price of the bag in question.

16 July at 15:13 - by elizabethinvesting

Baghunter found that the status symbols had increased in value by an average of 14.2 per cent each year. As for gold and stocks (measured through S&P 500, which looks at overall return characteristics from the stock market as a whole), they only provided average returns of 1.9 per cent and 8.65 per cent respectively.

18 July at 18:00 - by jordansbulls

It doesn't surprise me at all - I see Birkin and Kelly bags being listed for over £8K every day on HEWI .I reckon if Baghunter updated their stats the % increase gap would be even wider today.

19 July at 08:26 - by elizabethinvesting

Good thing to know: I could justify my expenses to my husband ...

21 July at 16:02 - by rebecca-mills62

the Birkin "could have been a solid investment five years ago but not anymore". According to him, the famous luxury bag is not so rare as it seems and in fact "the offer now exceeds the demand". The beautiful days of Birkin are perhaps behind him ...

23 July at 03:58 - by SueH

Well I just keep it and we will see..

24 July at 12:37 - by  CheriThomas
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