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Investing in yachts

  • 04 October at 18:44 - by Ronnie.S - 7019 views


I was just at the Southampton Boat Show and someone suggested I buy a share in a yacht.  It was a quarter share and you had it for a certain time annually. The company would take  care of the maintenance etc dry docking if necessary blah blah but you had the usage along with 3 other investors.  Would like to hear any experience?

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I own a share of a villa in Florida.  Works on the same lines. Owned it for years.  Works excellently for us.

05 October at 05:19 - by username4

if you use it then it's a great idea if you don't then seems a waste of time

06 October at 13:50 - by wannabe54

I am an amateur hence the not buying a whole yacht

07 October at 01:27 - by  Ronnie.S


08 October at 10:04 - by karldaniel.f

sorry to pour water on you so to speak lol but I had a share in a boat years back and 2 oof the other investors pulled out or something I can't remember but the company went under and me and the other bloke didn't get are money back

08 October at 12:33 - by manEdinburgh

I would be very interested I don't think you're going to actually earn much money but you certainly would get good use if that's your bag so you'd have to weigh it up against what you would spend anyway chartering a yacht.  We did the same with our villa and after your break even in about year 5 your quids in

09 October at 18:10 - by username4

yes that is exactily how I was looking at it more as a usage and perhaps long term investment but yes I get that I need to use it.  thanks

10 October at 06:42 - by  Ronnie.S
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