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Investing in Toys

  • 24 November at 16:53 - by neptune675 - 5699 views


Some say toys are a sound investment.  Should I look into it?

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It really depends what sort of toys you’re looking at?

24 November at 23:00 - by SamUK1

And don’t forget, whatever you invest in needs to be in mint condition which toys due to their very nature are rarely in…

26 November at 11:47 - by sylvia.sylvia

I was thinking bears

26 November at 11:59 - by  neptune675

Steiff bears are a great investment as long as they are mint,  and old. Like the only problem is that they are still being manufactured, so I guess you’d have to come accross an old one for not much not sure but I guess if you really like collecting bears and keeping them in mint condition, perhaps they might be a good legacy?  Only speculation tho

27 November at 07:31 - by SamUK1

It’s a ficle market and beware, because someone I knew got done for loads of money for a “rare” comic and it wasn’t at all, so beware

28 November at 17:08 - by sylvia.sylvia

Also the fads aren’t always what they seem as I remember a few years ago Beanie Babies were all the rage and selling for ridiculous sums on Ebay but now they are worth nothing so beware I agree

29 November at 18:23 - by patevergreen99

Thanks guys I actually think I might avoid now

30 November at 00:13 - by  neptune675

Hey don’t be put off, you just have to go carefully and if you love bears for example, there’s nothing wrong with collecting them!  I jsut think you’ll find that the ones with the real monetry value have to be really really old and that goes for all toys whether we’re looking at bears or comics.

30 November at 10:26 - by SamUK1

Very interesting! :)

14 March at 17:39 - by ely25
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