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Investing in Private Number Plates

  • 19 November at 16:51 - by andrew32johns - 3091 views


 I own and use two private number plates, and it occured to me, they might be a good place for further investment.  Thoughts, please.

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Same.  And guess what there is nothing wrong with investing and using why not!

20 November at 18:02 - by brandon6210

Like any investment I suppose they are subject to fluctuation but good idea

20 November at 19:46 - by PhilipS

I have been researching into it, and nothwithstanding the ones I own, I was looking at the more expensive ones on offer for like £50k but they’re just like initials and a number.

20 November at 20:12 - by  andrew32johns

You’ll have to be a bit careful, as they are going to have to change the whole system in 2050 when the prefixes run out

21 November at 00:39 - by mr.investor


21 November at 11:18 - by  andrew32johns

We’ll all be dead by 2050!

22 November at 14:28 - by PhilipS

Speak for yourself lol

22 November at 17:00 - by mr.investor

Fair point tho.  Although if you look at the market trends, the popularity of personal number plates is going up as they are becoming more accessible.

23 November at 16:43 - by PhilipS

Make sure you don’t let the ones you don’t use run out tho.

25 November at 00:14 - by brandon6210


25 November at 00:31 - by  andrew32johns

Also its not a short term thing although not as long term as some investments so i think its a really good idea.

26 November at 19:07 - by mr.investor
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