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Electric Cars: are they definitely increasing in value?

  • 12 August at 00:18 - by janeuk-1971 - 931 views


I have heard that electric cars are going up in value.  Should I buy one?

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I think it depends on which one you buy...apparently Teslas are a good investment but they are very expensive to start off with I was looking at them

12 August at 22:00 - by garybar2n1968

Agreed because you can buy like electric Fiats and all sorts but you need to buy one that will become like iconic wish I could afford them

13 August at 00:17 - by executive2018

Yes, if you could afford it asTeslas are becoming sought after

13 August at 00:56 - by garybar2n1968

I have heard that they have gone up recently though

14 August at 16:37 - by executive2018

thanks guys, I'll have a look.  Any more feedback let menow

14 August at 17:01 - by  janeuk-1971

Has anyone had any experience a year later?  I am even more than ever because there seems to be more and more electric cars on the market.  Are they becoming like regualr casrs?  Investable or not?

11 September at 15:10 - by  janeuk-1971

It’s a really interesting topic as I find as they become increasingly more mainstream the investment level drops

12 September at 01:48 - by DonaldMg

Just seen Tesla on here lol wouldn’t invest in that mate there cars are shit break down all the time seen one abandonned on the side of the road the other day lol ran out of juice it had

13 September at 14:18 - by TJSHall

You saw a Tesla on the side of the road?  Wasnr it just parked up?  How could you tell if was abandonned or not?

15 September at 12:05 - by DonaldMg

It was in a really unual place mate there for days then a mate of mine saw it was towed away

22 September at 19:55 - by TJSHall

Can I have some experiences though?

26 September at 15:43 - by  janeuk-1971

This is a really tricky market as it is constantly evolving and becoming more mainstream.  What was unusual or innovative yesterday is old news today.  Most services on the motorway have charging stations, even carparks too.

29 September at 21:10 - by garybar2n1968

From a practical point of view they are still pretty useless because the running time simply isn't long enough if you don't live in a city.  To do a long journey, it needs to be meticulously planned, allowing for traffic etc etc there are still very few charging points.  It's not like you just charge for 5 mins and go, you have to plug it in for like 4 hours it's crazy.  So from a practical point of view, they have a long way to go.  From an investment point of view, you're probably better off investing in the tech rather than the product at this stage...

30 September at 06:12 - by alanphinvst
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