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Craft Beer investment

  • 27 November at 19:00 - by Scott-HW - 5382 views


Anyone any clue about Craft Beer investing?We love drinking it and are thinking about investing in it…

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It’s become a thing in the UK that I know.  It’s been around in Australia and New Zealand since the late 90s but only really popular here since the late 2000s.  I am not sure quite how you would invest tho?

27 November at 19:51 - by sjpmkp

Yer am a real fan, but I wondererd if anyone on here had an experience with actual investment

27 November at 21:08 - by  Scott-HW

Love the idea mate wld be  interested also

28 November at 05:19 - by simon.K

You need to look at the smaller ones coming through.  If you look at the big ones such as Beavertown and BrewDog, i think you’ll find they’re already at their max investment wise.

28 November at 16:00 - by MartinSW

How so?

29 November at 12:42 - by  Scott-HW

Craft breweries apparently should not be more than 20% co-owned by a non-craft brewery company…

29 November at 15:14 - by MartinSW

I think you’ve misunderstood that one mate cos that means that like a big conglomerate can’t take them over but I don’t think that applies to me lol

29 November at 15:57 - by  Scott-HW


30 November at 00:36 - by MartinSW

Have a look at the likes of Wild Beer...they’re young, new and are currently crowd funding.  If it’s your bag and your niche you could do a lot worse although my friend is invested I am no way a finance bloke so not telling you wat to do like but it is a great thing if your interested anyway

30 November at 10:18 - by Karl46
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