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Baby Products - a good investment

  • 12 November at 05:01 - by Josh-1Carlson - 4345 views


As the baby product market is booming I am told, this is the time to invest.  But where and what in?

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Not Toys R Us or Kiddicare!

12 November at 20:20 - by grimshawl

Clearly not…

13 November at 16:31 - by  Josh-1Carlson

You could do worse than invest in shares in John Lewis?  Although their Christmas ad game isn’t strong anymore lol they are the real leaders when it comes to furniture brands such as Snuz which has grown exponentially...and Stokke, both of which I bought.  You could also look at investing in the brand itself, although it depends what sort of money you have and what you can afford to lose, because obviously you’d be safer investing in a larger company like John Lewis.

15 November at 12:00 - by katie.jrobert

Stokke is an amazing brand…

16 November at 08:25 - by RoyParker

Just googled it, great products clearly but maybe not such a great investment?

16 November at 17:59 - by investaddict

It’s still a good idea as baby products are getting more and more of the market share.  Maybe look at online products and shops?

17 November at 00:09 - by katie.jrobert

It’s way more complicated than I thought!

18 November at 14:18 - by  Josh-1Carlson

I would research carefully!  Furniture is less fickle than toys…

20 November at 09:36 - by investaddict
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