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What type of precious stone should I invest in?

I would like to collect some precious stones with the aim of selling them in the future. However, whenever I look for some information on the internet, nobody has the right answer. There are so many factors to be considered before making an investment that I am kind of lost.

What type of stone would you recommend that I invest in? Gold? Perhaps diamonds? I need something which increases its value with the pass of the time.

Awaiting your replies. Thank you. 

Jordan B

help gold investor
Precious stones and metals - 28 March at 06:31 - by jordansbulls - 5 answers - 2959 views

Real estate periods in Europe

We have been searching on the internet and, regarding real estate periods, there are a large number of timeshare companies. Are they a good choice? We would like to invest in this sector but we need some feedback first.
Thanks in advance for your help, ‌
property help real estate
Real estate - 23 March at 10:46 - by samuel-burton.1968 - 21 answers - 3293 views

Business takeover Spain

Hello everyone,

I will definitely go to Spain to open my own business in a few weeks. I have always been self-employed so it should not be a problem. However, I am having a hard time getting to know how a business takeover works in a foreign country. Is there someone who has already taken over a business in Spain and can help me?
Thank you
help real estate company
Finance - 02 April at 14:00 - by alanphinvst - 27 answers - 3885 views

Saving or investing?

I’ve been working for nearly 8 years and I think the time has come for me to do something with my savings. I don’t have much time to decide where to invest money and I’m a newbie, so I need your help and suggestions because I’m a little afraid of losing it. Should I invest money or is it better to put some cash into a savings account???

Many thanks for your time and knowledge!

help suggestion investor
Banking and insurance - 23 May at 13:29 - by alexpho - 9 answers - 1533 views

Buying Gold

I want to buy some gold as Ive been told that it’s a really good investment right now due to its high value but don’t really know much about it.  Any help please??

help gold investor
Precious stones and metals - 16 April at 16:08 - by investreader - 5 answers - 5677 views


I have recently come into some money and am looking to invest but don’t have a clue where and how. Any help would be welcome. Thanks.

help investor investment
Finance - 08 June at 09:30 - by tyler961 - 5 answers - 16983 views

Wanting to invest but nor sure where to start... Please HELP!

We have recently been left some inheritance money which was totally unexpected so are thinking of taking the risk of investing something that we were not expecting to have! But of course we would like to earn from it too so any help to get us started would be great!

help investor investment
Finance - 05 July at 07:44 - by jlouiseprk - 19 answers - 6488 views

Social Media Marketing Company

Should I invest in a Social Media Marketing Company?  I have been approached to invest in one of these Social Media Marketing Companies which seem to be all over my Facebook and Instagram.  Is it the future or is it just an old fashioned pyramid scheme?

help investor investment
Finance - 29 July at 22:41 - by leoheaps - 20 answers - 1955 views

Wine and Champagne?

Should I invest in champagne or fine wines or neither?  My friend has had a bottle of Dom Perignon 2002 given to him.  I Googled it out of interest and it turns out its really valuable.  So I looked into it but I have no experience. Help please?

help investor investment
Miscellaneous - 10 October at 18:04 - by sjpmkp - 10 answers - 4839 views

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