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Stock broker for beginners

  • 14 June at 15:02 - by rockette - 1103 views


Can anyone suggest which online stock broker is good for beginners?

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In order to invest in the stock market, you must acquire some basic skills so that you start getting good returns from the stock market.

You should be successful in order to get the maximum profits. You should be very patient in order to invest in the market.

It is very important that you get a professional broker who will teach you the basic art of trading. You can also get some share tips from your broker.

So, in order to know the tips for successful investment, you should browse the internet and look for more information and try to research on the market so that you can keep yourself updated.

15 June at 09:33 - by tomgoldrup57

Stock trading is a losers game, I strongly discourage you from pursuing this activity.

15 June at 12:00 - by susansmith40

I know it’s risky and this is why I am askiing for advice before I get started. This kind of negativity is not helpful.

15 June at 14:27 - by  rockette

NerdWallet offers financial tools and advice to help people understand their options and make the best possible decisions. The guidance we offer and info we provide are deeply researched, objective and independent.

17 June at 07:52 - by Daniel-Brown

Yes, I have created an account a few days ago, the information is clear and I found it quite helpful.

17 June at 10:13 - by  rockette

Some of my friends use TD Ameritrade among other companies.

18 June at 15:52 - by tomgoldrup57

TDAmeritrade is fine, but instead of being a trader, why not really learn about the statistics and probability of trading success/failure, etc? Then just invest in ETFs available for no commission at TDAmeritrade.

18 June at 17:32 - by Daniel-Brown

Hey guys I'm new to all this as anyone got any advice for me on top of the above comments?  I really don't want to mess upp as I can't afford to lose much but I want to get into this game man!

12 August at 01:42 - by dewy55

Listen, if you cant afford it don’t do it mate its not worth it 

12 August at 07:33 - by janeuk-1971

Speculate to accumulate but donn't bet more than you can afford to lose

15 August at 04:01 - by property-owner

Hi all!  I am actually using NerdWallet and it's really good because it's basic for beginners like us.  It's a comparison website and you can choose the best online broker for you.  You can just dabble a little bit and build things up bit by bit.  Defo recommend and it's not scary.

16 August at 16:48 - by  rockette

I just looked it looks really friendly so I will give it a try thank you

19 August at 11:32 - by dewy55

You should look into a real life person 

20 August at 00:25 - by property-owner

What do you mean?

21 August at 11:16 - by dewy55

This is all computer based.  Your best off to find a real person who can mentor you then youll make it bigger quicker

22 August at 05:05 - by property-owner

Oh ok thank you for that I will have a look into it to

23 August at 03:34 - by dewy55

Actually try investopedia cos there you can go on courses and all sorts and in my opinion anyway you will be pushed in the right direction cos you can waste a lot of time going down the wrong routes in this sort of game

25 August at 02:56 - by property-owner
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