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Social Media Marketing Company

  • 29 July at 22:41 - by leoheaps - 1938 views


Should I invest in a Social Media Marketing Company?  I have been approached to invest in one of these Social Media Marketing Companies which seem to be all over my Facebook and Instagram.  Is it the future or is it just an old fashioned pyramid scheme?

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this is really interesting as I have never heard of these, just looked it up, I guess they just market in a different way, using ordinary people to be their Distributors?  But you have to pay for the products I think?

29 July at 22:58 - by LeroyHBN

yes, you can advertise them on your Social Media and get your friends and family to sell them, too.  Then they become Distributors under you, and you get promoted. I was thinking of buying a whole lot of products to get my promotion immediately, then climbing the ladder from there.

30 July at 00:06 - by  leoheaps

avoid, avoid, avoid, it's a pyramid scheme.  Do not get involved.

02 August at 09:38 - by karldaniel.f

my daughter actually does this, she uses the products, takes photos and does videos on her Social Media, and her friends buy them.  I don't think she makes much money on them though.

02 August at 18:29 - by kenneth12

it's the old Avon business model.  Don't waste your money.

03 August at 20:01 - by karldaniel.f

I don't get this climbing ladder business...what do you mean?

04 August at 12:25 - by anthony51986

it's a promotional system, and if you get to the top promotion, you'll be earning £25k a month.  And it's residual income, so you will earn it for life as it were...or is it a scam?

05 August at 03:20 - by  leoheaps

rubbish.  And you say you can buy yourself up the ladder?  I don't think so.

05 August at 08:04 - by karldaniel.f

if you sell enough products, you get one promotion, then if you recruit enough people to sell too, you get another and so on.

06 August at 16:22 - by  leoheaps

I would use your money elsewhere, just my opinion, but sounds dodgy to me.

06 August at 20:46 - by anthony51986

I have come on here for some advice.  My daughter has just started doing this and I am worried it is a scam.  She is really excited about it and thinks she's going to be the next Michelle Mone but I think it sounds like a pyramid scheme some advice please

06 August at 03:38 - by jonathan_wilson

My daughter did the same

06 August at 09:10 - by kenneth12

thank you for replying did she?  Does she still do it?

08 August at 18:37 - by jonathan_wilson

No she gave up I am afraid!  She didn't make any money but interestingly enough she didn't lose any either and from what I can see it's jolly hard work!

12 August at 07:47 - by kenneth12

She didn't lose any?

13 August at 05:09 - by jonathan_wilson

No she used her social media to sell to her friends but from what she has siad to me you have to have a massive social media presence as that is your main marketing tool.  You are encouraged to build your social media up be befriending random girls and getting them interested then apparently as I think is reflected in what has been said in this chat, you make real money when you get other people under you selling as well it is all about recruitment but you have to put your back into it from what I could see

13 August at 17:36 - by kenneth12

Hi guys, I did actually try it and I can vouch for what Kenneth12 is saying it is bloody hard work and again like his daughter, I didn't lose anything it's just I didn't make any money.  

13 August at 22:23 - by  leoheaps

This seems to be a common theme

20 August at 20:31 - by jonathan_wilson

Yes you are told to follow the "leaders" who have a huge SM presence and flaunt their affluant lifestyles and are sort of "influencers" like celebrities.  They apparently earn £25k+ a month and are always so "grateful for this opportunity" "see how the company I'm partnered with has changed my life" as you can't say the company's name on SM because then you would be accused of advertising for it.  You are, but you can't show the names at all otherwise they would have to pay for the advertising, you just have to show your friends how much you love these products then they will want to buy them that's the idea

22 August at 09:11 - by  leoheaps

Ok thanks all I guess we shall see what happens but thank you for the info.

23 August at 03:30 - by jonathan_wilson
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