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Renewable Energy

  • 11 November at 08:22 - by Karl46 - 2823 views


I would like to invest in renewable energy funds?

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May I be so bold as to ask why?  They won’t make you a millionaire unless you are already!!

11 November at 10:56 - by alan.b

Well erm I like what it stands for and I have heard it is a good investments, although I am open to all advice!

12 November at 07:03 - by  Karl46

You are very at risk I would say because although traditionally it would have been a good investment, I think as it follows the Government and the amount of funding it gets through that, with Brexit on the horizon, I wouldn’t be putt ing my money there.

13 November at 18:32 - by alan.b

Ok interesrting

13 November at 19:00 - by  Karl46

Wot are you on about Brexit affecting it lol energy bonds are linked to inflation and lets face it if it all goes Pete Tong with Brexit, inflation will go thro the roof!

14 November at 17:25 - by property-owner

I like your thinking lol

15 November at 09:18 - by  Karl46

But this is what i am talking about:  Government subsidies would potentially be cut!

15 November at 13:35 - by alan.b

Yer but its a stable investment mate and very uk-centric type based

16 November at 00:27 - by property-owner

I think we will have to agree to disagree!

17 November at 13:04 - by alan.b

Thank you

18 November at 17:21 - by  Karl46
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