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  • 08 November at 00:50 - by AJParsons - 3120 views


I read a fascinating article on Micro-Investing in the FT yesterday.  Does anyone have any experience on here. I am the right demographic, with not enough spare income to invest lots of money.

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I also read an article about it recently, and have encouraged my 25 year old daughter to look into it.  It’s a brilliant idea.

08 November at 15:18 - by hui_c

Am lost wot is it?

08 November at 18:41 - by Mans0l0

It’s already functional in the US.  It’s an app which rounds up everything you pay for on your debit card like for example a coffee which costs £1.80.  It rounds it up to the nearest pound and invests the difference. So in this case 20p. So small you wouldn’t notice.  But this happens many times a day, and over time, you are invested without even knowing it. Then it diversifies for you.  Mentality is, look after the pennies and the pounds look after themselves.

10 November at 09:42 - by  AJParsons

That sounds amazing!  Not in uk tho?

11 November at 15:28 - by Mans0l0

Not yet.  There is an app being developed.  But there is another option: “Fractionals of Funds”

11 November at 15:53 - by hui_c


12 November at 09:04 - by  AJParsons

Yes, so often even buying into shares are too expensive for young people, but you can buy a fraction of one, so you are still invested but it doesn’t cost so much.

13 November at 15:28 - by hui_c

Oh wow i will Google that!

14 November at 00:10 - by  AJParsons

Oh wow i will Google that!

14 November at 00:10 - by  AJParsons
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