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ISAs - yes or no

  • 21 August at 02:29 - by KCSTL - 1606 views


ISAs - yes or no

6 Answers

depends how long you want to wait to access your money?

21 August at 12:52 - by John.R

no I had a nightmare couldn't get my money out quick enough they said they was going to dock me interest if I took my money out so I wish I never had them

22 August at 14:00 - by mrskd1979

I think it also depends on how much as you can only put in a certain amount per year but your money is safe it's not like a risk investment.

22 August at 14:10 - by John.R

safe?  what about if the bank goes bust mate

22 August at 14:19 - by mrskd1979

you know what I mean

23 August at 07:43 - by John.R

ok thanks for the feedback

24 August at 10:35 - by  KCSTL
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