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  • 29 August at 14:50 - by lea-h.trishP - 1607 views



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Not all restaurant chains are franchises., Starbucks For example is one of the most recognized chains in the world, but it is not a franchise.

29 August at 17:24 - by marlamad

That’s right, marlamad, it is corporate owned and operated..

30 August at 13:00 - by anónimo

Before pursuing any restaurant franchise, first, find out if it will fill a market niche, like doing a study of the local competition as well as a profile of the local economy.

30 August at 13:01 - by garybar2n1968

Restaurant franchises are expensive ventures and you must have experience, as is an important factor in opening a restaurant franchise.

31 August at 05:40 - by Wayne.-M

Buying a restaurant franchise offers many benefits… However, it does require significant capital and comes with many legal strings!

02 September at 10:37 - by marlamad

If you look for a less costly investment and more creative freedom, I suggest you to open an independent restaurant, starting with a food truck or even trying out self-catering

02 September at 16:54 - by Wayne.-M

That’s a good point Wayne.-M, is a way to get into the food industry. .

03 September at 13:09 - by investaddict

There are a lot of benefits of restaurant franchises, such as instant name recognition and built-in marketing.

04 September at 02:26 - by marlamad

Buying a restaurant franchise is not always as easy or as cheap as one might think.

04 September at 20:03 - by garybar2n1968

Thanks a lot for your opinions, it has been helpful

06 September at 08:17 - by  lea-h.trishP
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